• Student Records

    Going, Going, Gone!
    Following state and federal regulations, BVT keeps student transcripts (a record of your grades) for 60 years after graduation. A Request for Transcript can be made online. Student temporary records, including Special Education files, are shredded seven years after your graduation date.

    Attention Class of 2016 – Please be aware that all your temporary student records (any information not contained in your transcript) will be shredded on Tuesday, August 1st. If you want to obtain your record, please send a written request indicating the year of graduation and your name while in school to:

    Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School
    Student Support Services/Record Retention
    65 Pleasant Street
    Upton, MA 01568

    For the Class of 2016, the 60-year destruction date is August 1, 2076. You may request a transcript any time from the date of your graduation, May 2016 through August 1, 2076.

    All record requests must be received before Tuesday, August 1st.

  • Questions?

    If you have questions about your
    student records, please contact
    our Student Support Services
    and ask for Record Retention.

    Mrs. Anne Smith
    508-529-7758  x3013