Inspired to Take Action

Posted by The MindScape Team on 2/14/2024

Inspired to Take Action 1

At BVT, we’re all about the trades. So, it’s not surprising while visiting a local construction company, a pledge to mental health poster caught the eye of our School Counseling Team Leader, Brooke Johnson. It featured a hard hat, mental health resources for the workplace, and a call to action that spoke to her. Inspired by this awareness campaign, our counselors thought a similar concept could be creatively woven into the Break Free From Depression curriculum and presented during career enrichment classes.  

As a parent, you know how challenging it can be to talk with your teen about their mental health. To make having an open and honest dialogue more commonplace, we use the BFFD curriculum to address adolescent depression and discuss the warning signs of suicide — an important topic since many teens struggle with depression and other mental illnesses. By understanding the signs and symptoms of depression, our students learn to identify if they or someone they know might need help. Ultimately, this empowers them to have agency over their lives while keeping a watchful eye on their classmates. 

As school peer mentors, our juniors were the perfect group to engage in this peer-to-peer project and bring our mental well-being campaign to life. Armed with resources and the knowledge they’d learned through the BFFD curriculum over the past two years, they were tasked with designing posters using their own words and perspectives. The goal was to provide our student body with mental health information and encourage students to reach out to a trusted adult or professional if concerned about themselves or a fellow student. The juniors took the assignment to heart.

Mental Health Posters
“Speaking up when you need help is hard; it takes a lot of strength.
That is why the message on my poster is: Only You Can
Improve Your Mental Health...Speak Up & Take Action!”

“I might have typed a couple of words…and saved someone’s life.”

“It’s not a 988 worker who made the poster.
It’s the kid that sits next to you at lunch
or talks to you every day. It’s someone you know.
The impact of that is so much greater.” 

“I realize that one person and the power of hope
can make all the difference.”

These meaningful and engaging posters are now on display in our vocational shops. Understanding the signs of depression and how to help a friend in need are inspiring our students to take charge of their mental health by speaking up. 

Speak Up & Take Action!
Together, we can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by speaking openly about our mental well-being. If you’re concerned about your teen or someone they know is struggling and is in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or visit To learn more about our mental health curriculum and screenings, visit