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Class of 2023 Adams Scholars Announced

92 Students Earn John and Abigail Adams Scholarships – December 2, 2022

The John and Abigail Adams Scholarship provides a tuition credit for up to eight semesters of undergraduate education at a Massachusetts state college or university. Eligibility to earn a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship is based on students' first-time scores on high school MCAS tests. The scholarship only covers tuition and must be used within six years of a student's graduation.

Adams Scholars

We are proud to announce the Class of 2023 John and Abigail Adams four-year scholarship recipients. The following students have earned a John and Abigail Adams Scholarship (students are listed alphabetically by town):

Nicholas Cummings, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Rudolph Patete, Engineering & Robotics; and Sarah Trumm, Dental Assisting.

Mason Baldini, Engineering & Robotics; Daniel Cardone, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Ashlyn Lambert, Multimedia Communications; and Sophia Mazzuchelli, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication.

Griffin Beaulieu, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Brady Courtemanche, Drafting & Design Technology; Kyle Forget, Engineering & Robotics; Kenneth Horne, Drafting & Design Technology; Megan Roe, Multimedia Communications; Brett Staples, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Julia White, Cosmetology.

Jordyn Carroll, Health Services; Juliana Errara, Health Services; Hailey Lutjelusche, Engineering & Robotics; Noah Mariano, Engineering & Robotics; Owen Mathieu, HVAC/R; and Henry Warfield, Electronics & Engineering Technology.

Kaden Crawford, Information Technology; Hayle Ortla, Health Services; Jay Patel, Information Technology; Edward Podlejski, Information Technology; and Jackson Staheli, Electronics & Engineering Technology.

Amanda Pajak, Multimedia Communications; Naomi Tsuda, Culinary Arts; and Natalia Vazquez, Engineering & Robotics.

Jack Abbiuso, Information Technology; Jaclyn Bader, Engineering & Robotics; Zachary Barnes, Information Technology; Logan Betti, Information Technology; Jason Cardente, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Colin Chambless, Engineering & Robotics; Dilon Costa, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Thays De Assis, Drafting & Design Technology; Mayra Desousa, Health Services; Jhohann Edmonds, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Marcella Ferreira, Construction Technology; Kevin Flores, Drafting & Design Technology; Lauren Gobbi, Dental Assisting; Ana Guaman, Construction Technology; Heather Jarek, Multimedia Communications; Rillary Madruga Ferreira, Engineering & Robotics; Alexander Mairs, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Ashley McIsaac, HVAC/R; Arianna Morese, Multimedia Communications; and Joshua Schorn, Culinary Arts.

Samuel Bazydlo, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Mia Boucher, Engineering & Robotics; Troy Cami, Health Services; David Perry, Plumbing; Jayden Roderigues, Drafting & Design Technology; and Gianna Solomon, Culinary Arts.

Benjamin Craven, Plumbing; and Joshua Platt, Information Technology.

Vanessa Calles, Drafting & Design Technology; Paige Chausse, Dental Assisting; Jackson Doan, Drafting & Design Technology; Jenna Dolber, Multimedia Communications; Riley Driver, Electrical; Sam Grilli, Drafting & Design Technology; Joseph Hutchinson, Drafting & Design Technology; Carleigh Koopman, Dental Assisting; Noah Malkasian, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Ethan Ross, Culinary Arts; Nicholas Vaughan, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Emily Wildfeuer, Drafting & Design Technology.

Scott Glode, Electrical; Samuel Judson, Drafting & Design Technology; Haley Kirouac, Engineering & Robotics; Adrian Lowell, Information Technology; Aidan Mcgrail, Electronics & Engineering Technology; and Colin Medeiros, Electronics & Engineering Technology.

Julia Bern, Construction Technology; Sarah Flynn, Engineering & Robotics; Anna Giracca, Painting & Design Technology; Sidney Laden, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Bradley Lyon, Drafting & Design Technology; Jason Nguyen, Dental Assisting; Artem Plotkin, Electronics & Engineering Technology; Jessica Powers, Culinary Arts; Amelia Rouleau, Construction Technology; Katelyn Steele, Engineering & Robotics; and Caitlin Walsh, HVAC/R.

Katelin Carlson, Health Services; William Crosby, Painting & Design Technology; Isabella Gannon, Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication; Riley Goyette, Engineering & Robotics; Maxwell Guyton, Engineering & Robotics; Kioni Sankofa, Painting & Design Technology; and Sarah Snyder, Painting & Design Technology.