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A Win-Win Partnership

Valuable Industry Insights and Opportunities – November 16, 2022

With the recent shortage of people entering the construction industry, combined with the hiring challenges all companies are facing, building a professional association that can be mutually beneficial is a win-win. A partnership like this can foster innovation, communication, and connection.

We are proud to have partnered with Milton CAT and its sister companies, SITECH Northeast, Milton Rents, and Tri-Point Construction Layout, which offers valuable industry insight through guest speakers, on-site demonstrations, mentorships, and co-op opportunities. 

"Through our partnership with BVT, we are supporting our industry's future. An industry on which our country's infrastructure depends," Mark Biron, Milton CAT's vice president of service, explained. "We hope to help set the students up for success in their trade and show them, through first-hand experiences, how rewarding their career can be."

With their headquarters in Milford, MA, Milton CAT offers accessible co-op opportunities. Recently, two of our students worked in the service and parts department. They helped rebuild machine components such as hammer attachments and hydraulic cylinders in service. Whereas, in parts, the students experienced the entire parts lifecycle, from maintaining inventory integrity to fulfilling customer orders. 

"The partnership with Milton CAT has created new learning opportunities for our skilled students to delve deeper into their career options," said Superintendent-Director Michael F. Fitzpatrick. "While there are many paths to success, we are proud to see our students further their vocational-technical training alongside industry experts and gain experience that will help launch their careers."

This relationship has the potential to set a new threshold for cost-effective community collaboration with more on-campus events that support our students in their career pursuits. It's nice to have Milton CAT by our side, offering our students numerous career opportunities as they prepare to enter the workforce.