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Our Annual Budget Is Approved

Unanimously Endorsed by Our 13-Town District – June 8, 2022

Our Regional School District's FY23 proposed budget has earned unanimous and favorable support to secure its operational budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Serving in his twenty-ninth year as the Superintendent, Dr. Fitzpatrick expressed an appreciation for BVT's Budget Subcommittee for building a sustainable operational budget and the favorable endorsement of the member towns supporting the budget. He said, "The FY23 proposed budget is a well-organized, cost-effective assessment request of our thirteen-member municipalities."

The proposed budget includes multiple mitigation strategies, such as the applied $225,000 of its Department of Revenue certified reserve fund to reduce assessments. In addition, the District shared $210,000 of its unanticipated regional transportation reimbursements from the Commonwealth to further offset local assessments. The now-voted budget received praise for its cost-effectiveness and over $2 million in committed grants and donations.              

While the school building is nearly 60-years-old, vocational-technical staff have consistently worked with facility personnel and students to make self-improvements. Such as, the self-funded section of its original roof repair project avoided debt to its member towns and qualified under the Massachusetts School Building Authority for accelerated reimbursement of 55.53%. The state reimbursement will help address other capital improvement projects.      

As the annual budget sought approval from its thirteen sending towns, it relied on the continued support of each member town to endorse its vocational-technical school system at their Annual Town Meeting. The Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School community is thankful for that support. For more information, visit