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A Powerful Message, Artfully Delivered

BVT welcomed Bob Upgren – January 25, 2022 

What an honor it was to host Bob Upgren, an internationally recognized motivational speaker and one of the best chalk artists in the world, at our school-wide assemblies.

Upgren opened the presentation speaking our language, "BVT is a school that transforms education, and by design, transforms lives." He immediately had the students engaged and on their feet with a shiny silver quarter and a quick game of heads or tails to illustrate a point.

"I used to wonder if life was like a flip of the coin, a mere chance that some people make it and some people don't," said Upgren. "As you work with more people, you might compare yourself to others and find yourself thinking they are more than me or better than me. More athletic. More creative. More mathematical. Until I realized they were simply different than me. They were unique.”

“What I love about a school like this is that it not only celebrates uniqueness, but it nurtures and ignites it,” said Upgren. “You have a purpose. Every person here has a purpose. I know that it is not easy to figure out what that is. One of the great secrets to being successful is figuring out how to stand out, and that is through your uniqueness. You have a big decision to make as you figure out your purpose. Are you going to choose to embrace your uniqueness?”

Upgren shared his proven formula to living a life of significance with this three-step process. He said, “Learn a skill, master a skill, and deliver a skill.” 

Learn a Skill – You have to be humble to learn a skill. The value in that is it can never be taken away from you.

Master a Skill – Once you’ve learned a skill, don’t stop. You are capable of exemplifying mastery, which only occurs over time through perseverance.

Deliver a Skill – When you deliver a skill you’ve learned in an amazing way, it has the potential to open doors to decades of work.

Upgren’s skill is his art. His tool is chalk, and his canvas is a black sheet upon which he artfully delivers an inspirational message of perseverance. He exemplifies the three-step process by sharing how he had to learn to draw, master his artistic skill, and deliver a chalk art masterpiece in front of an audience.

The lights go down, a spotlight illuminates a blank black canvas, and the music is loud and inspirational. Upgren picks up the chalk, the dust starts to fly, and the canvas comes alive with color, creativity, and inspiration as he works to the song, "This Is Me," from The Greatest Showman soundtrack, "Look out 'cause here I come. And I'm marching on to the beat I drum. I'm not scared to be seen. I make no apologies, this is me."

At BVT, you have an opportunity to learn a skill, master a skill, and deliver a skill. Take this message with you, as you ask yourself, what is your purpose?

Remember, do not give up. It is going to be hard, but keep going. Believe in yourself, celebrate your uniqueness, and embrace the best essence of you. Let your hands get dirty, and your dreams get bigger.