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Artists Take Brush to Table

Our Student-Artists Take Brush to Table in Public Art Initiative – August 10, 2021 

Bianca De Oliveira of Milford (Class of 2021) and Murphy Potter of Douglas (Class of 2023) are two of eleven artists selected earlier this spring to design a picnic table through the Milford Cultural Council's Brush to Table contest. The contest is an effort by the cultural council's Public Art Subcommittee, the Milford Parks Department, and the Milford Highway Department to increase public art in Milford.

The Milford Cultural Council unveiled all of the tables to the public at an outdoor exhibit on July 24 at Plains Park before relocating them around town for public use. Locations for finished tables include the Garden of Hope at Fino Field, the corner of Dilla and Sumner Street, Rosenfeld Park, Plains Park, and the Milford High School fields.

A recent graduate of our Advanced Manufacturing & Fabrication program, Bianca De Oliveira, painted her version of "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh on the tabletop. Her masterpiece, "Touch the Sky," sponsored by Imperial Cars, also includes a skyline of Milford buildings along the bench.

Murphy Potter, a junior in our Painting & Design Technology program, said, “It is exciting to create a work of art that others in the community will have an opportunity to enjoy.” Her table masterpiece "Redemption" is sponsored by Celebrate Milford. "

"This table symbolizes many things to me, but mainly I want this painting to encourage reaching out for help or gaining a second chance,” said Potter. “Depending on how you look at it, you could see a second chance at racial equality or life since butterflies are a common symbol for suicide prevention, or you could see two people connecting.”

"It was an honor to be selected, especially since my art teacher, Mrs. Maclure, was chosen to be a part of it as well," said Potter. “This is the first public project that I've ever done. I enjoyed the process and hope to do more projects like this in the future.”

Our Visual Arts instructor, Ashley MacLure, is proud to lead by example, participating alongside two of her students. Letting her artwork, "Imagine," sponsored by Harold & Marcia Rhodes, inspire and speak to others by contributing to this initiative and others that encourage an appreciation for more cultural and visual arts in our communities.