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A ‘Sweet’ Accolade

Chef CampagnaOur Culinary Arts Instructor Receives Recognition  July 13, 2021

Under the watchful eye of Chef Laura Campagna, our Culinary Arts instructor in charge of our baking program, students create custom baked goods, cookies, and pastries that not only look good but taste amazing. If you're looking for a yummy treat, they can be found at our student-run pastry counter located in front of our Bake Shop.

Chef Campagna is proud to provide her students with an outstanding vocational-technical education. Her positive energy, creative thinking, and hard work have brought our Bake Shop to a new level. Paired with an engaging curriculum and challenging projects, all contributed to earning a nomination and a certificate of recognition from the Massachusetts Vocational Association New Teacher Award.

"Receiving the recognition exemplifies the talent and passion that Laura Campagna brings to our Culinary Arts program," said Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick. "We are proud of Chef Campagna and her achievement. We enjoy perusing the pastry counter and sampling her students' work."

"I enjoy teaching our students the science of baking and the role each ingredient plays in the process. When a student can isolate what each ingredient contributes to a recipe and learns how different ingredient combinations trigger varying outcomes, they can better understand how to troubleshoot a recipe or work on developing recipes of their own,” said Chef Campagna. "In the Bake Shop, students have an opportunity to do ingredient experiments, talk things through, share successes and analyze mistakes. Whether a student becomes a professional baker or not, this process helps with so many life skills."

The certification of recognition is given to a new teacher nominee who shows personal commitment and success in career and vocational-technical education, good personal character, leadership, and involvement in school activities which challenge the students.

"BVT has welcomed me with open arms, allowing me to reimagine what the Bake Shop could be, said Chef Campagna. “I’ve had access to financial support to purchase equipment, redesign the shop lab, and change the curriculum to create learning progression for the students. I am part of a wonderful department that makes group decisions and is vested in creating a positive experience for all of our students."