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Our Annual Budget Is Approved

Our Annual Budget Is Approved, Unanimously Endorsed By Its 13-Town District – June 7, 2021

Our Regional School District's FY22 proposed budget has earned unanimous and favorable support to secure its operational budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

In a highly transparent process, BVT concluded its traditional town-by-town presentations, distributed a detailed report of the return on investment of last year's funding, met various filing deadlines and advanced website presentations. The FY22 budget will protect and enhance the rigorous, high-quality education in which the system established nationally.

Reviewers of the now-voted budget shared praise for its cost-effectiveness. They cited accolades for avoiding present and future debt made possible by the self-funding of its MSBA's advance reimbursement. BVT's FY22 budget will cover all cost centers, forged with the benefit of avoiding all major legal expenses with no current litigation issues and limited to no grievances.  

The BVT School Committee credits the creative ability of its vocational-technical staff to incorporate campus and community-based improvement projects into challenging instructional opportunities for students as simply remarkable. The thirteen-member communities and the school campus share benefits of cost avoidance maintenance and enhancements. Other FY22 budget evaluators referenced the system's aggressive grant pursuits, which consistently complement local tax dollars.

As the annual budget sought approval from its thirteen sending towns, it relied on the continued support of each member town to endorse its vocational-technical school system at their Annual Town Meeting. The Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School community is thankful for that support. More information is available at