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Celebrating the Class of 2021

300 Graduates Awarded Diplomas and Industry-Recognized Certifications – June 3, 2021

The Commencement Ceremony was held on May 27th outdoors on the athletic field. The evening ceremony was a socially distanced event for immediate family to celebrate the Class of 2021 and say farewell before they go off on their next great adventure.

“It is really special that we are gathered here on campus. In fact, it is really special that we are gathered here in person to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2021,” said Assistant Superintendent-Director/Principal Mr. Anthony E. Steele II during his opening remarks. “I’m very grateful for the dedication of our staff and the ongoing support of the Upton Board of Health to make this event possible. We will have an opportunity to honor our graduates with all the pomp and circumstance they deserve."

The ceremony included a rousing rendition of the National Anthem sung by graduate Kayleigh Labrecque of Northbridge. Yvette Martin, Director of Student Services, delivered the benediction. Graduate, Madison Mathieu of Douglas, gave an inspired and moving musical performance of “Always Remember US this Way” by Lady Gaga, in addition to our student speakers.

Overcoming unexpected circumstances during the pandemic and lessons learned by this shared experience were common themes each student speaker addressed. Madison Gannon of Uxbridge, Valedictorian, spoke of extraordinary perseverance in navigating an uncertain senior year. Aaron Canali of Millville, Senior Class President, pointed out that life may not always go as expected, be prepared to embrace change. Isabella Caccavelli of Uxbridge, Student Council President, recognized that while the hard times shape who we are, what you go through does not define you, remember the incredible parts. Casey Goyette of Uxbridge, Salutatorian, reflected on the past year, embracing opportunity and adapting to change.

Assistant Principal, Mr. Matthew Urquhart, addressed the class and offered words of wisdom before congratulating that class on reaching one of life’s signature milestones. “Take solace in the fact that with all that you have endured, all that you have seen, you are more than ready for what you are facing next.”  

"In a year that has been anything but ordinary, we celebrate the extraordinary Class of 2021. Our pioneers, innovators, and trailblazers, who will make a real difference in their chosen fields," said Superintendent-Director Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick. "You graduate with the grit, perseverance, and skillset to tackle and achieve your future goals as you move purposely to your vision of tomorrow. You are our best ambassadors to foster public awareness and appreciation for our trade schools."  

Three hundred students concluded their dual high school education and received their vocational certificates and diplomas, which certify mastery in their career-technical programs, and a rigorous academic course of the study. The evening concluded with cheers and applause for the graduates as they tossed their caps towards the sky.

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