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Heavy Medals Brought Back From the SkillsUSA State Competition

53 Medals: 25 gold, 16 silver, and 12 bronze  –  May 1, 2019

SkillsUSA Winners 2019 In the second stage of the SkillsUSA series, competing against thousands of the state's top career technical education students, our students won an impressive total of 25 gold, 16 silver, and 12 bronze medals. Additionally, five National Voting Delegates, and two State Officers were also elected at the 45th Annual 2019 SkillsUSA Massachusetts State Leadership and Skills Conference Championship hosted by Valley Tech on April 26th.

SkillsUSA Championships are competitive events showcasing the best career and technical education students in the nation. Students compete with each other in hands-on technical exams designed and judges by industry leaders and officials to celebrate career technical education.

Following their outstanding performance, our gold medalists will now represent the Commonwealth at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference Championships in Louisville, KY.

The following students, organized by hometown, earned gold, silver, and bronze medals at the conference. Also listed are special recognition winners, including those elected to serve on the SkillsUSA Massachusetts State Executive Council and the National Voting Delegates.


Gold: Sarah Duncan, Promotional Bulletin Board; and Caitlyn Meisner, Health Occupations Portfolio

Bronze: Kirsten Flavin, Major Appliance Technology; and Adam Kaminski-Miller, Welding

Gold: Alyssa Davis, Promotional Bulletin Board; Emma Kane, Entrepreneurship; and Carissa Penta, Entrepreneurship

Silver: Matthew Coppolino, Mechatronics; and Grant Van Dyke, Additive Manufacturing

Special Recognition: Jessica Brown, National Voting Delegate

Gold: Mya Ackerman, Restaurant Service; and John Doiron, Dental Assisting

Silver: Emily Losiewicz, Career Pathways Showcase; and Connor Zisk, Digital Cinema Production

Bronze: Gabrielle Muscatell, Job Demo Open

Bronze: Baraka Consuegra, Principles of Engineering

Special Recognition: Madeleine Poitras, State Officer Candidate; and Abby Kelly, National Voting Delegate

Silver: Eli Moore, Culinary Arts

Special Recognition: Samantha Stephens, Exploratory Project Demo (Perfect Score)

Gold: Christopher Aurelio, Photography; Zachary Rivernider, Mobile Robotics; and Samantha Stephens, Exploratory Project Demo

Bronze: Jacqueline DiCecco, Culinary Arts

Special Recognition: Adam Cavanaugh, Presiding Officer, National High School Treasurer; and Tanyikeh Muanya, National Voting Delegate

Gold: Demitri Almeida; Telecommunications Cabling; Olivia Cheschi, Promotional Bulletin Board; Logan Keefe, Digital Cinema Production; Renata Santiago, Entrepreneurship; and Melissa Vieira, Nursing Assisting

Silver: Brandon Kee, Career Pathways Showcase; and Josiah Ramirez, Collision Repair Technology

Bronze: Bianca Barros, Esthetics

Gold: Mason Weagle, Digital Cinema Production

Silver: Jennifer Dooley, Medical Terminology; Nick Healey, Telecommunications Cabling; and Rachel Rannikko, Career Pathways Showcase

Gold: Samuel Houle, Major Appliance Technolgy

Silver: Nicholas Kirby, Additive Manufacturing

Bronze: Ethan Blake, CNC Milling Specialist

Special Recognition: Anika Koopman, State Officer Candidate; and Skylar Chase, National Voting Delegate

Gold: Max Brueggemann, Technical Drafting; Vella Ross, Medical Terminology

Silver: Brianna Brothers, Technical Computer Applications; and Jessica Nordquist, Digital Cinema Production

Bronze: Anthony Carneiro, Robotics & Automation Technology

Gold: Connor Andrews, Mobile Robotics; Joseph Cardin, Welding; and Kevin Queall, Advertising Design

Silver: Trin Astrella, Principles of Engineering

Bronze: Rose Mandella, Esthetics; and Brett Szczurko, Internetworking

Special Recognition: Katie Houskeeper, National Voting Delegate 

Gold: Jacob Martin, Automotive Service Technology

Silver: Adam Dickey, Mechatronics; and Selah Harper, Nurse Assisting

Bronze: Aidan Luetkemeyer, Diesel Equipment Technology; and Patrick Ober, Robotics & Automation Technology


Gold: Jake Garille, Electrical Construction Wiring; and Kierra Kurtyka, Entrepreneurship