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Robotics is Off to World Competition

VEX Robotics Prompted by an idea and a set of guidelines to follow, the Blackstone Valley Tech VEX Robotics club created a tournament winning robot and qualified for the 2017 VEX World Robotics Competition. 
The team qualified for the international competition during the Southern New England VEX Championship on March 5. The 12 BVT students are set to represent the United States in the 2017 VEX Worlds on April 19-22 in Louisville, Kentucky. 
The 2016-2017 series of VEX robotics events featured a “Starstruck” challenge in which teams operated mobile robots of their own design and construction to see whose robot could earn the most points by catapulting stars and boxes in designated zones of the playing board and by hanging robots on a hanging bar. In addition to remote control, each robot was required to autonomously compete via student-designed programming for a portion of each event. 
The Valley Tech students spent countless hours designing and building their robot and computer programming before developing a strategy to win the game. When the team heads to Louisville, their hard work will be on display as one of 563 teams competing for the title of World Champion of the VEX Robotics high school division. 
The BVT team will be comprised of junior Drafting student Joseph Skowronski of Douglas, sophomore Electronics student Zach Rivernider of Mendon, sophomore Drafting student Connor Andrews of Sutton, senior Drafting student Antonio Romeo of Millbury, junior Drafting student Casey Gosselin of Northbridge, junior Drafting student Zach Griggs of Northbridge, junior Drafting student Nick Connolly of Bellingham, junior Drafting student Jake Poirier of Upton, junior Culinary Arts student Casey Remillard of Bellingham, junior Drafting student Emily Weagle of Millbury, junior Engineering student Ashley Hamilton of Millbury, and sophomore engineering student Alex Valoras of Grafton.