• Academic Course Add/Drop Policy
    There is a lot to consider when your teen is selecting their academic courses each year. As a parent, you are often thinking beyond the classroom and wondering, “Will these courses fit into their academic game plan and meet all the requirements they will need to get into the college of their choice?” No worries, we’re here to walk you through our academic course add/drop policy and help put your teen on the right “course.” 

    In January/February, students register for their courses for the following school year during their Career Enrichment class. A school counselor is present to address any questions that may arise. We encourage our students to make thoughtful choices when reviewing the course offerings in the Program of Studies. It's important for students to discuss their options with their parents and teachers, and then review/revise those choices with their school counselor before submitting their final requests. 

    We understand that at the start of a new school year, there may be unforeseen circumstances that necessitate a change in your teen's courses. In such a case, students must finalize any course adjustments they would like to make with their school counselor during the add/drop period which runs from Monday, September 9th to Friday, September 20th. Students must attend the classes they were registered for at the start of school prior to the add/drop period and late course changes are only considered when there are extreme extenuating circumstances.

    NOTE: A student is NOT allowed to change a course or course section due to teacher preference. Students transferring to a new course will be placed in the most appropriate class with the most available seats to ensure equity among course sections. 

    • When a student makes a section or level change within the same department, the grades
       from the first course will be included in the grade calculation of the subsequent course.

    • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, commencing with the opening of school in
       August, students must wait for the add/drop period to begin before any consideration
       will be given to change their academic course selection.

    • All Course Add/Drop requests require completion of the Add/Drop Form which is available
       in the School Counseling office. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

    • All beginning of the year Add/Drops must be finalized prior to Friday, September 20th.

    • Please note that approval for an Add/Drop after October 1st is extremely rare.

    • After October 1st, Add/Drops will only be considered for extraordinary situations as
       determined by the School Counselor, the Academic Curriculum Coordinator, and/or
       Director of Student Services, and the Academic Department team leader. The Add/Drop
       also requires parent/guardian consent. If approved, the course change will take effect
       at the beginning of the next school term.

    • Please note that the dropped course(s) will be included in the student’s transcript and
       will be calculated by GPA/Rank.
    Advanced Placement Add/Drop Policy
    • Students interested in an Add/Drop of an Advanced Placement course must do so no later
       then Wednesday, July 31st, prior to the official start of the school year. The August 4th deadline
       is vital to allow time to reassess the master schedule regarding seat availability in alternative
       levels of the course.

    • After the August 4th deadline, Advanced Placement Add/Drops will be considered only
       for extenuating circumstances as determined by the School Counselor, the Academic
       Curriculum Coordinator, and the Academic Team Leader. If approved, the course change
       will take effect at the beginning of the next school term.

    • Students and parents should be aware of their ability to change course levels after the
       Wednesday, July 31st deadline may not be possible due to classroom capacity limitations.

    • Add/Drop Forms are available in the School Counseling office. Incomplete forms will not
       be processed.
  • Important Dates 2023

    Monday, September 9th
     Academic Course Add/Drop
    Period Begins

    Friday, September 20th

    Academic Course Add/Drop Deadline