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    Due to rapid advancements in digital technology, our Information Technology program is quite popular and appeals to the self-directed, detail-oriented student who enjoys logic-based problem-solving. Instruction includes operating systems, PC service and maintenance, network design and troubleshooting, web design, video communication, and telecom cabling. Students also build and configure advanced networking systems, servers, and workstations to highlight traditional and cloud-based networking and computer operating systems. Additional experience is gained in our on-campus IT department, which operates a student-run help desk and computer repair center for both in-school and district-wide customers.
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    Skills you will learn:
    • Computer repair and troubleshooting
    • Programming (BASIC through JAVA AP)
    • Network design
    • Fiber optic cabling
    • Video and digital imaging
    • Web design

    Hands-on Projects
    PC Build: We’ve all fired up a computer and set to work checking emails, writing a paper, or importing photos, but have you ever wondered how that computer system works? Our Information Technology students can tell you exactly how computers function and how to build one from scratch. As sophomores, students are divided into teams to develop a plan to build a PC that fits a customer’s specifications. Each group creates a bid that includes compatibility, cost, and functionality considerations before competing against each other for the job. The group with the winning bid gets to follow their plan and build their own PC to use until graduation.

    Shop Rewire: As the internet and technology are major components of many workplaces, any interruption to the services affects office productivity. Our seniors learn the intricacies of managing a job in an active workplace through the shop rewire project. As a class, the seniors rewire the entire Information Technology shop while minimizing any downtime for the underclassmen in the program. The students estimate the hours needed to accomplish the task and gather the materials and tools needed to complete the work before
    developing a plan.

    College & Career Placement
    • Cyber Security, Johnson & Wales University
    • Network Administrator, JetBlue
    • Cyber Security, US Air Force
    • Network Technician, US Navy
    • Manager Senior Tech, Worldband

  • T E C H N O L O G Y   P A T H W A Y
    Information Technology
    Daniel Nault - Securing His Future

    BVT in the News: 
    Imagine if you will, the hours, dedication, and knowledge required to prepare oneself for a major examination. Then take into account that the exam you are preparing for is one that most individuals dream about taking someday and attempt after a few years of experience working in the IT field. For Daniel Nault, he didn’t just dream about it, he decided to do it, and he did it. He set his mind to it and has received his golden ticket.


    • Katie Cunningham – Team Leader
    • Walter Ramsey 

    • OSHA 10-hour Card: General Industry
    • PC PRO (Testout)
    • CompTIA A+ 
    • CompTIA Network+
    • Cisco CCNA
    • AP Computer Science

    • Computer operator
    • PC technician
    • Technical support specialist
    • Fiber and cable technician
    • Telecom specialist
    • Network technician

    Starting Salary: $35,000

    • Network administrator
    • Database administrator
    • IT support specialist
    • Customer service technician
    • Web designer/programmer

    Starting Salary: $64,000

    • Computer engineer
    • MIS analyst
    • Network engineer
    • Network security specialist
    • Cyber & CCNA Security

    Starting Salary: $78,000

    Employment in the information technology industry is expected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

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