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    Welcome to Our Parent Advisory Council for Special Education
    Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an organization run by parents in conjunction with BVT’s Special Education Services staff. The purpose of the PAC is to give children with special needs in our community a voice, stimulate parent involvement, and to establish an effective channel of communication between the school district and parents of children with special needs. 
    Parents know that in dealing with their child's special needs they may at times feel confused and overwhelmed. We want to help families to better understand special education regulations, and to be aware of their rights and of the services available to them under the law. We're also here to advise them on matters that pertain to the health, safety, and education of their child's special needs. 
    If you ever have questions or concern please feel free to contact a member of our Special Education Services staff or a PAC board member. We are here to help you with questions, seek guidance, or get involved. All information shared will be kept confidential. We believe in working together to resolve issues and advocate for the students in the special needs community as a whole.
    Parent Advisory Executive Board
    • Rosemary Arduino

  • Parents Helping Parents
    Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) welcomes your input and involvement. You are cordially invited to join our PAC, attend our regularly scheduled meetings, and to become involved in your child's education. The Director of Special Education meets regularly with the PAC members in planning, development, and evaluation of our Special Education Services programs.  

    You are not alone. Parents who have faced similar challenges can be a great resource for other parents. Let us help you feel empowered when facing your child's special needs. Join our PAC today!

  • 2017 – 2018 PAC Meetings


    APRIL 30        TRANSITION FAIR at Marlboro High School Library




          NOTE: The Executive Planning Board
          will meet
     throughout the school year
          as needed.