• Career Action Plan

    Put Your Career Plan into Action
    As part of post-secondary career planning, we encourage our students to begin with the end goal in mind. To that end, our school counselors and career enrichment teachers assist juniors and seniors in developing a Career Action Plan to meet their post-graduation goals. It is a helpful tool for putting their career plans into motion and requires them to research and create step-by-step tasks, which keep them focused and checking items off the list. Like the upperclassmen, our freshmen and sophomores also get schooled in career development, where they gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to navigate a myriad of workforce, college, and military options available for success after high school.

  • Career Action Plans
    In the fall, school counselors present workshops to our juniors and seniors in their vocational areas in preparation for completing a Career Action Plan. With many career opportunities within countless industries, we encourage our students to think about the bigger picture. Working together, our school counselors and career enrichment teachers assist our seniors (in September) and our juniors (in December) with completing their action plans by deciding which of the following career paths to choose from:

    Workforce: Your teen can start their careers early by entering the workforce and
       furthering their vocational-technical training in apprenticeship programs.

    College: Many of our vocational-technical programs have multi-levels of training, which
       require your teen to have additional education and study in a two- or four-year college
       or technical program.

    Military: Learning the difference between a commissioned officer and an enlisted service
       member is just the starting point to fully understanding the many career advancements
       within all branches of the U.S. Military.
    Career Planning Checklist
    What's Your Game Plan?
    This question is on the minds of many parents as their teens start planning for a career. Check out our Career Planning Checklist. It will help you and your teen think about and discuss where they want to go with their career and how they might get there.

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    Sunday, December 31st
    FAFSA for College-Bound Seniors.
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    apply for financial aid.

    Tuesday, November 14th
    College Application Process Lesson

    Tuesday, November 21st
    Junior Parents: College Application
    Process Workshop at 5:30 p.m.

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    Tuesday, December 19th
    Career Action Plan


    From choosing a career to
    financial aid and college admissions,
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