• Scholarships 1

    We Know You're So Proud of Them!

    Whether your senior has earned a scholarship based on financial need, merit, athleticism, community service, or another talent or skill, it's a reason to celebrate! Parents, this is your big chance to brag about your teen's accomplishments and share the list of scholarships and grants awarded.
    You know the next step for your graduate is often expensive, and every little bit of financial help is greatly appreciated. For some of our students, scholarship money will go towards college tuition, while others will use it to purchase the tools, clothing, and equipment needed to launch their careers. By sharing your teen's good fortune, we can celebrate with you and better advise our junior class on their career, college, and life plans.

    Scholarship Reporting

    • By Friday, May 10th, please complete a separate Scholarship Reporting Form for each grant 
       and scholarship your teen has been awarded.
    • It's important to report this information accurately. Please do not report any grants or
       scholarships that your teen does not plan to use next year, such as those offered by a
       college or university that they do not plan to attend.
    • All grants and scholarships reported and/or issued on Scholarship Night will be listed in the
       graduation program and on our website.
    • Any information regarding the type of scholarships, whether they were for need or merit,
       will not be advertised. However, this information will help guide our counselors, administrators,
       and school committee to best serve our students and their families.

  • Share Their
    Scholarship Success

    Friday, May 10th
    Parents, click the Brag Button
    below to complete the Scholarship
    Reporting Form and share with us
    the list of grants and scholarships
    awarded to your teen.

    Scholarship Brag Button Shadow

    You only need to report the
    scholarships/grants that your teen is
    awarded outside of school,
    which we don't know about.
    All BVT scholarships that are awarded
    on awards night, we will report.

    If you have any questions or run
    into any issues when completing
    the form, please contact:

    Jodie Tandy
    Scholarship Coordinator
    508–529–7758  x3041