• We're Committed to Keeping Our School Safe
    Under the guidance provided by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, these health and safety guidelines will be the expectation that will enable the safe opening of school for in-person learning this fall and throughout the year. In addition, we have included guidance on best practices where applicable. These requirements will be modified as needed. 

  • Self-Screening Responsibilities
    • Checking for symptoms each morning by families and caregivers is critical and will serve as the primary screening mechanism
       for COVID-19 symptoms.
    • Parents should not send their children to school if they exhibit COVID–19 symptoms or have a temperature of 100F or higher.
    • Screening procedures will not be required at the point of entry to the school. However, school staff (as well as bus drivers)
       will observe students throughout the day and refer students who may be symptomatic to the School Nurses' office.

  • Masks & Face Coverings
    On Monday, February 28th, the statewide mandate for masking in schools expires. Our masking survey to parents and staff resulted in a
    5 to 1 (80%) preference for an optional masking policy. The following masking guidelines will be implemented on our campus:
    • Individuals are not required to wear a mask but may do so if desired.  
    • A face covering that covers the nose and mouth is recommended to be worn by unvaccinated individuals or those who are otherwise
       immunocompromised in school buildings, and on school grounds, even when social distancing is observed.
    • By DESE guidelines, students and staff returning from a 5-day quarantine following a positive COVID test must follow strict mask use,
       other than when eating or drinking, through the 10th day of infection.
    • Per federal public health order, students and staff are required to wear masks when entering the Nurse's Suite and School Based
       Health Center
    • For our student-athletes, the MIAA has followed DESE’s lead by deferring masking decisions to school districts and leagues.
       When practicing and playing contests on campus, you will not be required to wear facial coverings unless desired. 

  • Transportation 
    As of Tuesday, March 1st, the following transportation guidelines are incorporated into our masking policy:

    School Bus
    • Wearing a mask is optional on our school buses.
    • Students who wish to continue wearing a face mask/covering are supported to do so.
    • We will continue to supply masks on all buses.

    Parent Drop-off
    • It is recommended that unvaccinated students wear a face mask prior to entry at the Fitness Center entrance
       and continue to wear it throughout the day.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all building entrance points. 
    • A staff member will be present to monitor student drop-off.

    Student Drivers
    • It is recommended that unvaccinated student drivers wear a face mask prior to exiting the vehicle and continue
       to wear it throughout the day.
    • Students parking in the A-Lot will enter through the 100 Wing doorway.
    • Students parking in the B-Lot and C-Lots will enter the building through the main entrance.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all building entrance points.

  • Physical Distancing
    • To the extent possible, we're striving to maximize physical distance between desks within our physical and operational constraints.
    • Students and staff will maintain a physical distance of three feet when feasible in common spaces such as hallways, cafeteria,
       and unstructured spaces.
    • Seating in the Cafeteria will return to a normal capacity level. Alternative space for eating lunch, representing individual desks spaced
       at a 6' distance, will be made available during all four lunches.

  • Hand Washing & Sanitizing
    • Students and staff are required to practice hand hygiene (hand washing or sanitizing) upon arrival to school, before eating, before putting
       on and taking off masks, after using the restroom, and before student dismissal.
    • When hand washing, individuals should use soap and water to wash all surfaces of their hands for at least 20 seconds, wait for visible
       lather, rinse thoroughly, and dry with an individual disposable towel.
    • If hand washing is not feasible, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent ethanol or at least 70 percent isopropanol content will be used.
    • Hand sanitizers are placed at key locations (e.g., building entrances, cafeteria, hallways, and classrooms).

  • Nurse’s Health Care Suite 
    • A portion of the nurses’ suite was reconfigured to create a related isolation care center.
    • A separate space in the nurse’s suite is designated for routine medical care.
    • The school nurses will take additional precautions when dealing with a presumptive case including eye protection (e.g., face shield
       or goggles) and a mask/face covering. Precautions may also include gloves, disposable gowns or a washable outer layer of clothing
       depending on the duration of contact and especially if the individual may come into close contact with bodily fluids.
    • We will work with parents and caregivers to ensure your child is current on all standard vaccinations before they return to
       school. Additionally, health providers strongly recommend students and staff get their annual flu vaccine.