• COVID-19 Dashboard
    During these ever-changing times, it's more important than ever to keep the lines of communication open. We are committed to transparency and providing accurate and timely information to our community members regarding COVID-19 cases on campus. This dashboard has been designed to reflect statistics clearly and concisely and provide you with weekly data on active cases, transmissions on campus, those in quarantines, and a total percentage of positive cases. The cumulative data reflects the total of confirmed positive cases reported to our school nurses since the start of school whether our students and staff are in distance or in-person learning.

    Dashboard Updates
    An update to this dashboard will only happen Monday – Friday (once a day, not on weekends, holidays, or school vacations) if there is new data to report.

    This is NOT a live dashboard. Due to the time and effort required for our nurses and support staff to collect data and confirm contact tracing, a live dashboard is not possible. Please note, that if there is no change to the data since your last visit to this dashboard, you can feel confident that our COVID cases have not increased, and there is no new data to report.

    Updated: May 17, 2022

  • COVID-19 Dashboard


    • Our COVID-19 Dashboard reflects data for the 2021–2022 school year, which commenced
       on Monday, August 23rd.
    • The data utilizes a school population of 1440, which is comprised of an accurate but
       fluctuating number of approximately 200 staff and all enrolled students whether they
       are in distance or in-person learning.
    • Weekly Data is updated on a rolling basis that shows data from the previous 7 days.
    Active Cases is the number of people who have tested positive over the past week and
       are now in self-isolation* as of the date of the report.
    Transmissions on Campus is the number of people who have tested positive through
       close contact tracing on campus.
    In Quarantine** is the current number of people who have been identified as close
       contacts,*** but not necessarily an active case.
    Total % Positive is the percentage of the total COVID-19 tests reported to our school
       nurses that yielded a positive result. Please note that the negative test results may not
       have been reported to our school nurses.
    • Total Cases is the cumulative number of positive COVID-19 cases that were identified
       through self-reporting by parents/guardians, students, faculty, and staff.
    Total Transmissions on Campus is the cumulative number of transmissions that were
       identified through contact tracing.

    * Self-Isolation: Separates someone who is sick away from other healthy people. The sick person rests in their own bedroom or area in the home and keeps away from others as best as possible.

    ** Quarantine: Separates and restricts the movement of someone who was exposed to a sick person away from others. Because someone can spread COVID-19 before they have symptoms, quarantine stops them from accidentally spreading the virus to other healthy people. People in quarantine need to avoid being around others and stay home separated from the rest of the household. The number of people in quarantine is reflected by those that were in close contact with an individual that tested positive for COVID-19.

    *** Close Contact: Defined by Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH), as someone who was within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes, cumulative in a 24-hour period, starting from 2 days prior to symptom onset. If asymptomatic, the infectious period is 2 days prior to the collection of the positive test. We've notified close contacts privately. We are following all DPH protocols and collaborating with our local boards of health to complete contact tracing.

  • What You Can Do to Limit
    the Spread of COVID-19
    Our school nurses MUST be notified 
    immediately if a parent, sibling, or 
    any member of our school community 
    is ill or tests positive for COVID-19. 
    This information is crucial and
    enables us to observe and share
    campus health trends and update
    the data on our dashboard.
    It also assists with contact tracing
    for the local Board of Health.

    It is going to take a concerted effort
    on all of us to keep our students, staff,
    and community members safe. In addition
    to health and safety measures taken
    on our campus, we encourage you to be
    proactive and to reinforce the importance
    of hand-washing, physical distancing,
    and face coverings to limit the spread
    of the coronavirus.


    Before I start my day, I certify that:

    I have no signs of a fever or a measured
    temperature at or above 100 degrees,
    and no cough or trouble breathing 
    within the past 48 hours.

    I am not exhibiting any other known
    symptoms of COVID-19.

    I have not knowingly had close contact
    with an individual with COVID-19
    within the past 14 days.

    I have not been asked nor required
    to self-isolate or quarantine by
    a doctor, local public health official,
    or state guidelines.

    If you have questions on whether
    your child should attend school,
    please don't hesitate to contact
    our school nurses at our Health Line
    508–529–7758 x3006

    Monday – Friday
    from 6:15 to 7:15 a.m.

    COVID-19 Health Guidlelines

    Are you wondering what returning
    to school will look like for your child
    after being quarantined? No worries,
    our COVID-19 Health Guidelines
    will help you with that.