• What Items Can I NOT Bring to an MCAS Exam?
    Students take note! The materials listed below are NOT permitted at any time during MCAS Exam sessions, including after you turn in your exam, during a break, or during the transition to a test completion area.

    • cell phones
    • other electronic devices
    • smartwatches
    Smart Watch • e-book readers or electronic dictionaries
    • music players for one student’s personal use or that of the whole class,
       earphones, earbuds, or headphones
    • any device capable of taking photographs
    • game consoles
    Calculator • pocket translators
    • calculators (except for the tests and sessions listed in the previous section)
    • computers or electronic tablets other than the one being used for testing
    • any device that provides access to the Internet (such as certain calculators
       and fitness trackers) other than the ones being used for testing
    • editing devices (e.g., spelling or grammar checkers)
    • English-language dictionaries or thesauruses
    • encyclopedias
    • unapproved reference sheetsNotes
    • accommodation materials unless specified by a student’s approved IEP
       or 504 plan (e.g., graphic organizers)
    • handheld rulers (the only rulers that students need are included in the
       student testing platform.)






    Cell Phone



    Music Player