• Break Free From Depression
    Addressing Mental Health with Our Seniors
    As our seniors' high school careers quickly come to an end, they will continue to be excited and challenged by the many changes happening in their lives. To help them transition to a new job, college life, or military service, we’re offering them the tools and techniques to cope with emotional and developmental issues.

    We believe the more our students feel comfortable talking about the emotional and psychological challenges they are facing, the more we can help them normalize them. Therefore, creating awareness and having an open dialogue surrounding our students' social and emotional needs is an important part of our programming.
    We will address mental health with our seniors in the following way:

    • Accessing Mental Health Support After High School Presentation

  • Accessing Mental Health Support Seminar 
    Our school counselors and/or school adjustment counselors will present to seniors about mental health support after graduation.

    Topics include:
    • Ways students might determine whether or not support is needed
    • Supports available at college, at work, and in the community
    • What a person can typically expect in their first few therapy sessions
    • Tips for getting the most out of therapy

  • Important Dates

    Monday, April 8th
    Accessing Mental Health Support
    After High School Presentation
    Check out how we’re
    addressing mental health
    with other grades.

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