• Break Free From Depression
    Addressing Mental Health with Our Sophomores
    One year under their belts may give our sophomores a different perspective from their freshmen year, but they will surely continue to be excited and challenged by the many changes and opportunities coming their way. To help them navigate more focused and rigorous academic and vocational studies, we’re offering them the tools and techniques to cope with emotional and developmental issues. We believe the more our students feel comfortable talking about the emotional and psychological challenges they are facing, the more we can help them normalize them. Therefore, creating awareness and having an open dialogue surrounding our students' social and emotional needs is an important part of our programming.

    We will address mental health and wellness with the sophomore class in the following ways:

    • Building Wellness Lesson
    • Break Free From Depression Review Lesson

  • Building Wellness Lesson 
    During Career Enrichment, sophomores will work with our school counselors to learn the importance of developing a wellness plan and how to incorporate it into their everyday lives. The lesson begins with a presentation that includes opportunities for group discussion and highlights wellness topics such as: 

    • Managing Stress in Everyday Life 
    • The Difference Between Stress & Anxiety 
    • Self-Care: It’s Not Just Bubble Baths & Spa Days 
    • Mindfulness 

    Following the presentation, the class will select one or two mindfulness practices in which to engage. Some of the options include progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, visualization, mindfully listening to music, as well as various formal meditations. The lesson will conclude with an individual activity that encourages students to reflect on their current self-care practices and consider additional activities they would like to try to help strengthen and balance their well-being.

  • Break Free from Depression Review Lesson 
    School counselors review key concepts from the Break Free from Depression Curriculum that was presented freshmen year, including an emphasis on coping skills, in their assigned vocational areas. The Break Free from Depression Curriculum was designed by the Swensrud Depression Prevention Initiative, which is based out of Boston Children’s Hospital. This program is a preventive intervention designed to educate and support adolescents in the face of emotional and psychological challenges. This universal psychoeducation and skill-building curriculum is a tool for students to use so that things do not escalate to the point of needing treatment.

    Students will receive an assistance request card that will be collected at the end of the class. These cards will indicate whether students would like a school counselor to schedule a meeting with them regarding their emotional wellbeing or if they feel they do not need an appointment with a school counselor at this time.

  • Important Dates

    Tuesday, May 7th

    Building Wellness Lesson  
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