• MCAS Exam
    Do you know what test has the most significant impact on earning your high school diploma? The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) is a standardized test administered to all students in Massachusetts educated with public funds.

    As part of earning a high school diploma, a student must:
    • ELA: score 472 or higher, or between 455-470, and complete the requirements of an
       Education Proficiency Plan (EPP).
    • Math: score 486 or higher, or between 469-485, and complete the requirements of an EPP.
    • Science: score at least 467 on the Biology test or 470 on the Introductory Physics test.

    Important Attendance Note
    Parents and students are advised that attendance during MCAS testing is mandatory. Please avoid scheduling appointments or other conflicting events that prevent a student from being present during scheduled test dates.




  • Mark Your Calendar!


    ELA Composition & Reading Retests
    (Legacy Paper-based Exam)

    ELA Sessions 1
    Wednesday, November 8th
    Monday, March 4th

    ELA Session 2
    Thursday, November 9th
    Wednesday, March 6th

    Math Retests
    (Legacy Paper-based Exam)

    Math Session 1
    Tuesday, November 14th
    Thursday, March 7th

    Math Session 2
    Wednesday, November 15th
    Friday, March 8th

    Biology Retest
    (Legacy Paper-based Exam)

    Biology Session 1
    Tuesday, February 6th

    Biology Session 2
    Wednesday, February 7th

    Intro. Physics Retest
    (Legacy Paper-based Exam)

    Intro. Physics Session 1
    Tuesday, February 6th

    Intro. Physics Session 2
    Wednesday, February 7th

    SMCAS Exams for Sophomores

    (Computer-based Exam)

    ELA Session 1
    Tuesday, March 26th

    ELA Session 2
    Wednesday, March 27th

    Math Session 1
    Tuesday, May 21st

    Math Session 2
    Wednesday, May 22nd

    STE MCAS Exams for Sophomores
    including Freshmen Honors

    (Legacy Paper-based Exam)

    Biology & Intro. Physics Session 1
    Tuesday, June 4th

    Biology & Intro. Physics Session 2
    Wednesday, June 5th