• AAA Driving School
    Preparing Teens for the Road Ahead
    Do you remember the first time you got behind the wheel of a car? It was exciting for you, but likely fearful for your parents. Then with instruction and practice, you learned to drive. Now, it's time for you to move over and let your teen take the driver's seat. As your teen prepares to become a new driver, we want to prepare them for their first visit to the RMV and help them understand all the requirements that must be met to obtain a driver's license.

    Buckle up, parents! You, too, must participate in 2 hours of instruction in a driver's education course. This course is designed to help you adapt a common-sense approach to teaching driving skills to your teen. But don't despair; the parent course is part of the AAA Driver Training School package. After registering your teen for their course, you will receive all of the information to schedule your course directly from AAA.
    The AAA Driving School will be hosting driver training courses at BVT twice this summer. 
    Your teen can see Mr. Evans in the Main Office with any questions or visit the AAA Driving School for more information.
  • Are You Learning to Drive?
    This is a major milestone, and we want to help prepare you for your visit to the RMV. As a teen 16½ to 18, the following requirements must be met to obtain a driver's license: 
    • Apply for a learner's permit. To get your learner's permit (driver’s license or Mass ID 
       in Massachusetts), you’ll need to provide proof of citizenship or lawful presence, 
       a Social Security number, and Massachusetts residency.

       A school transcript for the current year is an eligible document for proof of residency,
       provided the address listed is not a PO Box. To obtain a transcript for your appointment
       with the RMV, simply complete the RMV Transcript Request Form
       Note: forms completed by the end of the school day on a Thursday will be available
       for pick up in School Counseling the following Tuesday.

    • Have a valid learner's permit for at least 6 consecutive months before taking the
       road test. (Any suspension will invalidate the permit, and the 6 months will start
       again when the suspension has ended.).   

    • Maintain a clean driving record for at least 6 consecutive months before taking
       the road test.     

    • Complete a driver's education program. This includes 30 hours of classroom
       instruction, 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training, and 6 hours of in-car observation
       of other student drivers. Conveniently, the support and training to meet those
       prerequisites are available through AAA Driving School.      

    • Complete an additional 40 hours of supervised, behind-the-wheel driving, as shown
       by a certified statement by a parent or guardian.     

    • The RMV will accept 30 hours of driving supervised by a parent or guardian if the
       applicant completes a driver skills development program.   

    • Your parent or guardian must participate in 2 hours of instruction in the driver’s
       education course (unless they have completed one within the past 5 years).
       This course is designed to help improve your driver safety by providing parents
       and guardians with a common-sense approach to teaching driving skills.     

    • Pass a final exam.

    Driving is a privilege, not a right. After your teen gets their license, they must continue to demonstrate their ability to drive safely on the road. As parents, you might want to outline expectations, house rules, responsibilities, and consequences before your teen heads out on the road.

    It is also an excellent time to introduce your teen to our Student Parking Regulations. If your teen does not have a parking permit, they can’t park on school grounds. If they are interested in applying for an on-campus parking permit, visit student parking.

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