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         May 16, 2018
    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    We wanted to address a Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why, based on a 2007 novel by Jay Asher, which is getting a great deal of attention from adolescents. The second season premeires on Friday, May 18th
    The content of the series deals very directly with difficult topics, particularly adolescent suicide, and contains many graphic and disturbing scenes. There continues to be a great deal of appropriate concern around the message and potential impact of this series. We do not intend to show this series to our students nor do we recommend it for all students.
    Children and youth who do view this will benefit from supportive adults to help process the material. Given the heightened levels of popularity and attention that this show is getting, we thought it might be helpful to make you aware of an article entitled, “What Parents Should Know About 13 Reasons Why.” The article does a good job of detailing areas of concern and offers ideas for how to speak to your children about the topics and emotions raised by the series. An additional resource you may want to review is 13 Reasons Why Talking Points. In preparation for the second season's premiere, The 13 Reasons Why Work Group also created a Toolkit with information for parents. We hope these resources prove useful to you.
    Please reach out to your child’s school counselor or community mental health professional if you are concerned for your child’s safety or for the safety of one of their peers. To learn more about available support at school and in the community, visit our Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Support and Depression & Suicide Curriculum & Screening webpages. 
    We value the input of our community and look forward to continuing to work together for the well-being of all our youth.
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    Yvette Normandin Whitesell
    Director of Student Services