• Student Parking

    Student Parking Regulations
    •  All Massachusetts operator laws must be abided by any operator at all times, otherwise, the driving privilege on school grounds will be revoked.

    •  If a student does not have a parking permit, they may not park on school grounds. Students may not share permits or parking spaces with other students unless previously approved by a school administrator.

    •  Students must only park in the lot and spot they are assigned each day.

    •  All vehicles must be registered with the school and must display the current decal of the proper color on the rearview mirror. If a different vehicle than the one covered by the parking permit is used on any given day, the student must notify the main office staff upon arrival at school and present them with a valid vehicle registration for the new vehicle. The vehicle must belong to an immediate family member unless approved by the administration prior to parking.

    •  All students must be licensed and covered by insurance. BVT is not responsible for the vehicle or its contents.

    •  There will be no loitering in the parking lot. Students may not remain in their cars once they are parked.

    •  Students are not allowed to go to their car during school hours without the express permission of a school administrator. Once approved, a staff member may need to accompany the student to the parking lot. The second time a student needs to visit their vehicle during school hours may result in an office after session.

    •  All operators are expected to adhere to the posted campus speed limit and the posted pattern of traffic.

    •  Student vehicles may be subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband may be present in the vehicle.

    •  Drivers will yield to pedestrians in the parking lot and show courtesy to other drivers.

    •  A Denver boot may be utilized to address the problem of vehicles parked on school property without a valid permit or vehicles parked in unauthorized areas. If a vehicle is booted, then the driver must report to the Main Office. BVT cannot be held liable for any damages incurred to vehicles by the use of the Denver boot.

    •  Parked vehicles must be locked at all times.

    •  Upon arrival on-campus, students are to enter the building immediately through an unlocked entrance.

    •  Citations issued by a police department driving to and from school may result in suspension or revocation of parking permit after an administrative review.

    •  All operators and passengers of motor vehicles are required to properly fasten safety belts while on school property.

    •  Driving violations on campus will typically result in a suspension of a parking permit for the first offense and revocation of a parking permit for the second offense.

    •  Any on-campus motor vehicle accidents must be reported to the Main Office within 24 hours.

    •  If a student parking spot is vacant for ten consecutive school days, then that parking spot may be reassigned to another student. The original occupant of the parking spot will be able to re-apply for a new parking spot at no additional cost. Refunds for the original parking spot will not be granted.

    •  On occasion, the police department and school administration may choose to have trained drug-sniffing dogs to check cars in the student parking lot for contraband. The student owner/driver of a car containing illegal drugs, alcohol, or other illegal contraband will be held responsible and is subject to disciplinary action.

  • Parking Permit

    Seniors, if you're interested in
    applying for a full-time, on-campus
    parking permit, please fill out and return
    the application to the Main Office.


    Juniors, if you're interested in
    applying for a full-time, on-campus
    parking permit, please fill out and return
    the application to the Main Office.  

    Our Main Office hours are
    Monday – Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.