• Expectations of our Cooperative Education Process
    Our Co-op Program has many facets in which various parties play a key role. It’s important to understanding these roles and the expectations of the student, employer, teacher, parent, and our Co-op Office within this process. 

  • Student Responsibilities
    • The student is responsible to review the eligibility requirements set forth in the student handbook prior to a job interview
       or job application submission. An eligibility form should be submitted to the Co-op Office.
    • The student should notify their instructor, and the Co-op Office if a job interview is going to occur.If it is going to occur during
       school hours, a parent’s signed note must be submitted to the Attendance Office prior to dismissal. The Attendance Office verifies
       all notes with the Co-op Office. 
    • Once the student has been offered the job, the student will be granted access to complete the final application online. The last step
       is for the student to attend the required employability and Co-op expectation session. These sessions are scheduled by the Co-op office
       with the student once the entire application is complete.

  • Instructor Responsibilities
    • The instructor is able to assist the student in the prescreening process of their eligibility (refer to BVT student handbook). 
    • In coordinating a time for interviews, the instructor should advise the Co-op Office when this occurs. 
    • Once the student has been offered the job, the instructor is to sign the student’s paper application. 
    • The instructor should be assisting their student with their portfolio in preparation for the student’s portfolio check meeting. 
    • In order for the student to go out, a site visit must occur prior to the student starting work. This is even for recurring employers.

  • Employer Responsibilities
    • The employer should either notify the instructor, student, or Co-op Office of the job offer. 
    • The employer must comply with a site visit to be performed. 
    • The direct supervisor of the student will need to complete a MA CORI to be conducted by BVT. 
    • A copy of the employer’s current insurance should be submitted to the Co-op Office. 
    • The employer must fill out a Co-op Agreement for each student that is going to work at their establishment through the
       Cooperative Education Program at BVT. Applications can be updated once an offer of employment has been made by
       contacting kelder@valleytech.k12.ma.us.

  • Co-op Office Responsibilities
    • Coordinates between the student, instructor, and employer all items as needed.

  • Parent Responsibilities
    • Give student permission to go out on job interview.
    • Sign the student’s paper Co-op Application.

  • Attendance Office
    • Process the student for any work related dismissals.
    • Notify Co-op Office of any Co-op Related attendance issues or concerns.