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   April 17th – 21st
      April 27th
   April 28th 
   May 1st
      May 2nd
   May 3rd
      May 5th
   May 6th
      May 8th
   May 9th

      May 10th 
   May 11th

      May 16th & 17th 
   May 18th

      May 24th 
   May 25th  
      May 29th
NO SCHOOL – Spring Break
    Early Dismissal – 11:00 a.m.
AP Exam – Chemistry
    AP Exam – Computer Science A
    AP Exam – Spanish Language & Culture
    AP Exam – Physics 1
AP Exam – English Literature & Composition
    AP Exam – United States History
    Registration Deadline for June 10th ACT Test
SAT Exam & Junior/Senior Prom
    AP Exam – Biology
AP Exam – Calculus & Registration Deadline for June 3rd SAT Exam
    AP Exam – English Language 
    & Composition 
Friends of Rachel Club Charity Dinner
– Porketta
    MCAS Tests – Mathematics 
    (Sophomores & Advanced Freshmen)
Spring Concert & Art Show
School Committee Meeting – 6:00 p.m. 
    PAC Meeting – Elections and Planning 
    for the upcoming school year
Class of 2017 Awards Ceremony
    NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day