• Massachusetts Association of Student Councils
    MASC is comprised of member schools representing the four regional student councils of Massachusetts: the Southeast, Central District, Northeast, and Western Councils (SEMASC, CDMASC, NEMASC, and WMASC). MASC provides one of the nation’s most highly regarded programs of activities for both middle and high schools, providing a major opportunity for students to learn and apply leadership skills. The MASC Mission Statement: “ MASC is committed to motivating and providing student leaders across the state with opportunities to develop leadership skills so that they can better serve their schools and communities.” While the four regional student councils sponsor a number of events at schools within their own districts during the year, MASC also hosts three major annual events:

    Held each fall at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Officershop marks the beginning of a new year for MASC. Here, officers of local student councils are trained, and the MASC theme for the year is unveiled.

    A three-day event held in Hyannis, the annual Spring Conference draws more than 1,000 students to participate in leadership training and organizational activities. In March of 2023, our Student Council was named a MASC Gold Council of Excellence and a James Rokas recipient at the annual Spring Conference. Megan Potenti was formally recognized as the 2023 Henry Sullivan MASC (Massachusetts Association of School Councils) Advisor of the Year Award recipient.    

    A five-day event held annually at Worcester State College in Worcester, some 300 students participate at the annual Summer Conference in team-building activities designed to carry over into other areas of their lives.

    National Association of Student Councils
    Established in 1931, the National Association of Student Councils (NASC) is the leading organization for excellence at the middle level and high school student councils. NASC provides student councils and their advisers with the knowledge, skills, and resources that students need to become active, engaged leaders in their schools and communities.

  • From Swag to WagsFrom Swag to Wags
    It’s Going to the Dogs    
    When it comes to giving back, our students show their passion in many forms. From protecting the planet in the Students for Environmental Action Club to participating in community service projects in the LEO Club, building connections and helping people in need drives their actions and supports their interests. 

    Another giving back club on campus is our Student Council. The extracurricular activity of this like-minded group revolves around learning leadership skills and empowering their members to share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with our administration. They often run school-wide activities, including social events, community projects, and awareness campaignes that help make changes to our campus and community.  

    One such Student Council project involved a collaboration with senior citizens from the Millville Senior Center. On January 30th, members of our Student Council (Sosie DerKosrofian, Perry DerKosrofian, Zabel DerKosrofian, Maddison Dos Santos, and Kiele Sarnie) welcomed the older adults to a creative workshop, where they put their crafting skills to work upcycling old t-shirts into dog toys. Wrapping tennis balls in bright cloth and braiding the fabric into pull cords, the group learned how to make colorful toys any dog would love to play with. 

    Being crafty can make you hungry. So, as a thank you for their assistance, the senior citizens were invited to lunch at our Three Seasons Restaurant.   

    Something to Wag About! 
    Is it “paws-able” that over 80 colorful dog toys were created? Yes, and it was a fun-filled day for everyone. Our students were happy to collaborate and excited to have an opportunity to assist the senior citizens in creating dog toys that were donated to a local animal shelter. 

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