• Academic Programs
    BVT is committed to providing every student with an education best suited to their individual needs and learning style. Our course offerings have been carefully developed to challenge all students to maximize their academic and vocational experiences at BVT. 
    Academic Course Selection Process
    The academic course selection process is a collaborative event that factors in student interest, parent/guardian concerns, teacher and counselor recommendations, student work ethic, and past student performance, as well as data points that may include placement test and standardized test results. Students achieving a grade of 90 or better are encouraged to consider the next higher level of that course. Our primary objective is to place students appropriately in courses and levels in which they will not only be challenged but also successful in attaining their personal goals.
    Academic Course Requirements
    Every student at BVT is required to enroll in four years of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Career Enrichment, and Electives. The Career Enrichment courses consist of activities designed to develop 21st-century skills that enhance career readiness and employability. Elective courses are intended to supplement a student’s core academic and technical studies and should be in concert with the student’s four-year and post-secondary plan. Please note that some courses may not run during a given school year due to student interest and/or teacher availability.
  • Meet Our Academic
    Curriculum Coordinator

    Edward Evans, III

    Edward Evans, III  
    Academic Curriculum Coordinator  
    508–529–7758  x3011  

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