• Heavy Metal

    Big Visions, Bright Futures
    As our first graduating class to take part in distance learning, embracing online tools and technology to attend classes remotely, they've experienced a senior year like no other. The Class of 2020 will be remembered for standing out and making the most of it. As good role models, with a positive attitude, leading by example, and showing others how to adapt to unexpected situations.

    As our future leaders, innovators, and creative thinkers competing in a global economy in a perpetually changing and uncertain world, the future workforce must adapt and grow in new and undefined ways. This class graduates ready to do that. Holding their heads high and looking forward to a bright future aided by the assistance of scholarships and awards that now exceed $5 million in renewable value.

    Congratulations, Scholarship & Award Recipients!
    We are excited to welcome you to view our first-ever virtual awards ceremony for the Class of 2020.

    It is our honor to host this special ceremony during which we will be presenting the scholarships, awards, and achievements our seniors would have received during our scholarship night and class day events. We look forward to handing our students the scholarships, awards, medals, and certificates they have earned when they receive their diplomas at their graduation ceremony in August.

    Thank you for taking the time to view this virtual ceremony with your family and friends. Unlike a traditional in-person recognition, this online video is available to download and save as a keepsake for years to come.

    We are so proud of your accomplishments. We are excited about the places you will go and eager to see who you become.


    Our Class of 2020 Scholarship Recipients 
    The following is a list of the scholarships and awards earned and reported by members of the Class of 2020, along with each student's immediate plans for further career training. Students are categorized by town and listed alphabetically by last name. Scholarship amounts reflect the first-year total. 

    Nicholas Alexander – Electrical Apprenticeship Program          
    Andrew J. Simmler Memorial Scholarship: $500
    VTC Trade Scholarship in Memory of Justin Parnell: $1,000

    Lillian Bates – Wheaton College (Biology)          
    Dean's Award: $30,000

    Megan Chrisbaie – University of New Haven (Dental Hygiene)  
    University of New Haven Presidential Scholarship: $-unreported 

    Ashley Cifizzari – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Linguistics)        
    BHE Grant: $400
    Grant: $6,795       
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    UMass Amherst Grant: $8,295     
    University Academic Grant: $2,000

    Emily Dalton – Year  working at McKeon Dance & Gymnastics Center as a Party Host
    Joey Wilson Memorial Scholarship: $600

    Ireland Davis – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (Nursing)                       
    Chancellors Scholarship: $5,000    
    University Grant: $4,560

    Adam Kaminski-Miller – Employed Arborist           
    Mathew L. Fleming Memorial Award: $200

    Ethan Levitre – 4yr college Mechanical Engineering      
    River Hawk Scholars Scholarship Community/Outside Scholarship: $400

    Jared Loiselle – Employed Earthworks Site and Development   
    Fran Dupre Memorial Scholarship: $500
    Herman Buma Memorial Scholarship: $500
    VTC Trade Scholarship: $1,000

    Paige Marquez – Social Strategy and Management/Advertising        
    Massachusetts Elks Scholarship: $800

    Caitlyn Meisner – Baylor University (Secondary Education)        
    Achievement Gold Baylor Scholarship: $5,000
    Baylor Scholarship: $27,990
    Distinguished Scholars Day Scholarship: $3,000
    Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation Scholarship: $1,000
    Scholarship: $1,000
    Sharon D Mansfield Scholarship: $1,000

    Mackenzie Wahl – Framingham State University (Elementary Education)
    Bellingham Lions Club Memorial Scholarship: $1,500
    Joseph L. Vendetti Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Aaron Bolduc – University of Connecticut (Computer Science w/ Cybersecurity)
    UConn Award 1208: $20,000

    Kayla Briggs – Worcester State University (Undecided)   
    WSU Fee Grant: $1,000
    ANP Blackstone Energy Company Scholarship: $500

    Maribeth Buteau – Central Connecticut State University (Construction Management)
    CT State University Grant: $3,070
    Dean's Scholarship: $2,000
    MVA - Mass Vocational Association Non-Traditional Student Nominee: Recognition
       Award Plaque
    NTHS Scholarships: $500
    Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Recognition Certificate   
    Wendy’s High School Heisman: Recognition Certificate   

    Jessica Connolly – Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA Interior Design Program)
    Academic Honors Scholarship: $7,000
    Academic Honors Scholarship On Campus:$3,000

    Abigail Cook – United States Air Force Academy (Biology)       
    Air Force Academy Acceptance: $60,998   

    Matthew Coppolino – Norwich University (Engineering) & Corps of Cadets                     
    ANP Blackstone Energy Company Scholarship: $500
    Provost Scholarship: $26,000

    Alyssa Davis – Rochester Institute of Technology (Graphic Design)       
    RIT Grant: $12,400
    RIT Grant: $3,000
    RIT Presidential Scholar: $16,000

    Dylan Huff – University of Maine
    Early Action Award: $1,500
    University of Maine Leadership Award: $9,000

    Kaitlyn Osborne – UMASS Amherst (Communication Disorders) 
    George W. Hanson Trust Scholarship: $200
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714 

    Carissa Penta – Bryant University (Finance/Accounting) 
    Archway Scholarship: $20,000
    Bryant University Grant: $1,450

    Rebecca Swenson – Worcester State University (Public Health/Nursing)            
    Massachusetts Grant: $1,500
    WSU Grant: $2,470

    Grace Bertone – 4yr college (Nursing)                
    Presidential Scholarship: $12,000
    The Molly Kelley, Douglas Brown, and Alberta Collins Scholarship: $200

    Nathan Boulanger – Employed Hendrick's Auto Collision Repair           
    Joey Wilson Memorial Tool Award: $600
    Michael J. Cammuso.Jr. Memorial Scholarship: $1,000

    Isabel Briggs – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Computer Science)                     
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Eric Buchanan – Clark University (Undecided)     
    Clark University Grant: $2,000
    Grant: $8,145
    Robert Goddard Achievement Scholarship: $17,000

    Massimo Fontaine – Colby College (Computer Science)           
    NHS Scholarships: $500

    Richard Forget – Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Illustration & Animation)
    MassArt Grant: $3,300

    Benjamin Garland – Apprenticeship Program
    VTC Trade Scholarship in Memory of George Couillard, Welding and Manufacturing Tech 
       – Class of 2001: $1,000

    Sage Hurteau – Coastal Carolina University (Graphic Design)   
    Milford Federal Bank Scholarship: $1,000
    University Scholar Award: $6,350  
    Visual & Performing Arts Award: $500 

    Emily Losiewicz – University of Connecticut (Biomedical Engineering)   
    Douglas Merit Scholarship: $-unreported   

    Skylar Manyak – University of New Hampshire-Main Campus (Occupational Therapy)
    Knights of Columbus 2020 Senior Scholarship: $500
    Rotary Club of Uxbridge Scholarship: $500
    Slovak Catholic Sokol Scholarship: $500
    UNH Presidential Scholarship: $12,000

    Hannah Morrison – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (Nursing)     
    Dean's Scholarship: $4,000
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,418

    Braedon Motyka – Florida Atlantic University (Neuroscience)     
    FAU Academic Achievement Grant: $14,000

    Gabrielle Muscatell – Worcester State University (Biotechnology)
    Worcester State Honors Scholarship: $750

    John Nasuti – Apprenticeship Plumbing Program
    Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors (PHCC) of Massachusetts Plumbing All-Stars: $500 

    Victoria Provencal – Framingham State University (Criminal Justice)      
    Estimated State Mass Grant: $1,400
    Framingham State University Grant: $1,100
    FSU Grant: $2,200
    Grant: $5,945

    Madeline Rivard – Sacred Heart University (Nursing)      
    Rotary Club of Uxbridge Scholarship: $500

    Patricia Soltan – University of Massachusetts Boston (Nursing)    
    Beacon's Merit Scholarship: $4,000

    Selena Allemann – High Point University (Health Sciences)                
    Academic Achievement Grant: $-unreported  
    High Point University Scholarship: $-unreported     

    Gabrielle Chretien – Unknown (Health Science)
    Academic Award: $38,000

    David Goncalves – Military (US Marines) 
    Corporal John Dawson Memorial Award: $500

    Katherine Joiner – Clemson University (Health Sciences)
    Gateway Clemson Non-Resident: $-unreported  
    O/S Tuition Scholarship: $-unreported  

    Jacob Lazo – Assumption College (Cybersecurity)
    D'Alzon Scholarship: $23,000

    Daniel McDonald – Michigan State University (Computer Science & Game Design)
    MSU Honors Excellence Scholarship: $13,000
    MSU Non-Res Scholarship: $15,000
    MSU Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship: $5,000
    Rockland Trust Scholarship: $2,500
    Superintendent’s Scholar Award: Student Recognition 
    Valley Tech School Committee Academic Award: $200

    Haley Schollard – Worcester State University (Elementary Education)             
    Joey Wilson Memorial Scholarship: $600 

    Caleb Simmler – Employed L.W. Tank Repair (Welder/Laborer)             
    Joseph Coley Memorial Tool Award: $200

    Madison Skehan – New England Institute of Technology (Interior Design)                     
    Early Action Application: $2,000
    FAFSA October Signup: $1,000

    Cassidy Waldo – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Chemical Engineering)           
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    UMass Amherst Dean's Award: $2,000

    Julia Yitts – Rhode Island College (Biology/Pre-Med)   
    BVT Teachers Association Award: $250
    Grafton SAL #92 - Charles Hurley Memorial Award: $1,000

    Cassandra Alves – Northeastern University (Architecture)                 
    Milford Performing Arts Centers George and Viola Devendorf Memorial Award: $400
    Brenda M. Bonetti Memorial Scholarship: $500.00 
    U.S. Figure Skating Bronze Level Senior Award: Recognition Letter

    Thomas Buckley – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Computer Science)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    UMass Amherst Grant: $-unreported 

    Edwin Dykhoff – Maine College of Art (Fine Arts)
    MECA Grant Post: $6,000
    MECA Vision Scholarship: $14,000

    Braden Levasseur – Military (Marines Cyber Security & Intelligence)  
    Corporal John Dawson Memorial Award: $500

    Norman Moreira-Beaupre – Lasell University (Cyber Security)    
    Lasell University Scholarship Post Grad Institution Award: $20,000
    Lasell University Grant Post Grad Institution Award: $2,000

    Annabelle O'Reilly – Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Illustration)        
    Hopedale Foundation Scholarship: $2,500
    MassArt Merit Scholarship: $1,000
    MassArt Grant: $3,000

    Chloe Pigeon – University of Connecticut (Biology/Pre-Dental)      
    Hopedale Foundation Scholarship: $2,500
    Husky Achievement Award: $12,450

    Zachary Welch – University of Massachusetts-Amherst    
    UMass Amherst Grant: $755
    University Academic Grant: $2,000

    Carlie Brown – Baylor University (Nursing)
    Baylor Provost's Gold Scholarship: $18,000

    Alexander Carchio – Worcester State University (Criminal Justice)
    Timothy J. Yacino, Sr. Memorial Award: $500

    Isabella DeFrancesco – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
       (Dental Hygiene) 
    Healthcare Professions Scholarship: $8,000

    Chase Duncan – University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Mechanical Engineering)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,454

    Kate Healy – Maine College of Art (Illustration)
    MECA Dean Scholarship: $18,000

    Ethan Lynch – UMass Amherst Engineering
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    Valley Tech School Committee Vocational Award: $200
    MVA - Markam Award Nominee: Student Recognition   

    Garrett MacKinnon – Plumbing Apprenticeship Program
    Vincent G. Palermo Memorial Scholarship: $300

    Joseph Mendes – University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Biology/Pre-Med)           
    Homefield Credit Union Scholarship: $500

    Abigaile Pontzer – Worcester State University (Nursing)  
    Friends of Mendon Elders: $250
    Chad A. Holbrook Memorial Citizenship Scholarship: $500
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $970

    Brian St. John – Worcester State University (Computer Science) 
    Faith in Action Scholarship from the Knights of Columbus Council #12897: $500.00
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship:  $970
    Polyfoam Corporation Scholarship: $500
    University Grant: $1,791
    University Academic Grant: $2,000

    Michael Boone – Northumbria University (Business/Management)  
    Michael Martino Memorial Award: $500

    Minhaz Choudhury – University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Computer Science) 
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,454

    Cassandra Guyette – Salem State University (Social Work)
    BVT Teachers Association - Paul Sullivan Scholarship: $500

    Timothy Haarstick – UMass Amherst (Business)           
    Jason K. Ball Memorial Scholarship: $500
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Brandon Kee – UMass Lowell (Engineering)  
    2020 SkillsUSA/NTHS Scholarship: $1,000 
    Barbara J. Sinnott Scholarship: $1,000 
    Elks National Foundation Scholarship: $1,000 
    Hanover Community Scholarship: $1,000 
    MAVA - Outstanding Vocational Student Award: Recognition Award Plaque
    National Merit Scholarship: $2,500   
    Rensselaer Medal: Student Recognition        
    Rotary Club of Milford Scholarship: $1,500 
    Superintendent’s Scholar Award: Student Recognition 
    Valley Tech School Committee Academic Award: $200 
    UMass Lowell Chancellor Scholarship: $16,026

    Logan Keefe – Savannah College of Art and Design (Film & Television)        
    Class of 2019 Scholarship: $500
    Milford Performing Arts Centers George & Viola Devendorf Memorial Award: $400
    SCAD Academic Honors Scholarship: $10,000
    SCAD Achievement Honor Scholarship: $3,000
    SCAD Student Incentive Scholarship: $2,000
    Student Council Scholarship: $300
    UniBank Scholarship: $2,000

    Camden LeBlanc – Johnson & Wales University (Hospitality Management)       
    Johnson & Wales University Grant: $1,500
    Presidential Academic Scholarship: $16,000

    Lucas Savaria – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Cybersecurity)
    Wentworth Merit Scholarship: $10,500

    Melissa Vieira – University of Massachusetts Boston (Biology)    
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    Ken Baker Memorial Scholarship: $500
    NHS Scholarship: $500
    UMass Boston Chancellor's Scholarship: $10,000

    Kayleigh Wilcox – Bridgewater State University (Communications, Public
       Relations Concentration)

    BSU Access Grant: $1,600
    BSU Grant: $2,000
    Grant: $1,500

    Jacob Brodeur – Quinsigamond Community College (Mechanical Engineering)         
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $720
    John Lachapelle Memorial Award: $600

    Olivia Corey – Johnson & Wales University (Dietetics & Applied Nutrition)     
    Culinary Arts Alumni Mr. B. Scholarship: $1,450
    Early Campus Visit Award: $1,000
    JWU Culinary Essentials Scholarship: $1,000
    JWU Skills USA Scholarship: $2,000
    Presidential Academic Scholarship: $17,000

    Kennedy Day – Quinsigamond Community College (Criminal Justice)
    Andrew J. Simmler Memorial Scholarship: $500

    Jennifer Dooley – College of the Holy Cross (Economics)          
    Faber Scholarship: $23,200

    Joshua Dupuis – Plumbing Apprenticeship Program      
    Central Mass Plumbers and Gasfitters Inspectors Association: $500    

    Cassidy Jacobs – Nichols College (Hospitality)  
    Early Acceptance Grant: $1,500 
    Faculty Achievement Scholarship: $14,500  
    IWL Scholarship: $3,500 
    James Sochia Memorial Award for Tools: $500
    Nichols Resident Grant: $1,000 
    Nichols Success Grant: $2,608  

    Lyndsey LaPierre – Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Graphic Design)
    Dean Bank Scholarship: $1,000

    Alfred Lund – Employed Construction and enlisting in the Marines        
    LaChance Tool Award: $400

    Aidan O'Leary – UMass Amherst              
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Rachel Perrotta – UMass Amherst Civil Engineering        
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Arthur Axon – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Mechanical Engineering)
    John and Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    UMass Amherst Grant: $8,282
    University Academic Grant: $2,000

    Samuel Houle – Unknown
    James Franklin Memorial Award: $200

    Lily Allen
    – Johnson & Wales University (Baking & Pastry)        
    Culinary Essential Scholarship: $1,000
    JWU Skills USA Scholarship: $3,500
    Michael Drinkwater Scholarship: $1,000
    Presidential Academic Scholarship: $13,500

    Hallie Arpin – Unknown (Biology Pre-Med)          
    The College Scholarship: $-unreported 

    Alicia Blizard – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (Interior Design)
    James Sochia Memorial Scholarship - Good Citizenship: $1,000
    UMass Dartmouth Academic Achievement Scholarship: $2,500

    Ciarra Boucher
    – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Marketing)       
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Brianna Brothers – University of New Hampshire (Finance)          
    BVT Teachers Association - Richard Bernard Scholarship: $500
    UNH Non-Resident Tuition Grant: $-unreported 

    Max Brueggemann – Mechanical Engineering
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Samuel Clark – Fashion   
    Columbia Scholar Award: $2,000
    Dean's Scholarship: $11,500
    Faculty Recognition Award: $500

    Hunter Dansereau – Quinsigamond Community College (Nursing)
    Rita D. Skinner EMT Scholarship: $200

    Caroline Gallant – University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Mechanical Engineering)         
    Dean's Scholarship: $3,000
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,454
    Polyfoam Corporation Scholarship: $500
    UML Grant: $800
    UML Scholarship: $3,000
    Valley Tech Education Foundation: $300

    Mackenzie Gifford – Bridgewater State University (Undecided) 
    BSU Access Grant: $530
    BSU Tuition Waiver: $455

    Cassidy Gosselin – Assumption College (Nursing)          
    Knights of Columbus 2020 Senior Scholarship: $500

    Jacob Gray – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Computer Science)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Benjamin Hazerjian – Unknown
    James Franklin Memorial Award: $200

    Christopher Hollenbeck – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Computer Science)
    BHE Grant: $400
    Grant: $2,795
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    UMass Amherst Grant: $8,701
    University Grant: $2,000

    Megan Jacene – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Mechanical Engineering)    
    WPI Presidential Scholarship: $27,000

    Alana Johnson – Merrimack College (Athletic Training) 
    D1 Athletic Scholarship Merrimack College: $25,000

    Anika Koopman – University of New England, Double Major (Neuroscience & Global Studies)
    Class of 2019 Scholarship: $500
    Brian Bentley Scholarship from SkillsUSA $500
    DAR Good Citizen Award: $250
    Marcelyn Karagosian Scholarship $275
    MSSAA Student Achievement Award: $500
    MVA – Mass Vocational Association – Secondary Student Nominee: Recognition Award Plaque
    Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Student Recognition
    SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends Scholarship $500
    SkillsUSA Massachusetts Salute to Excellence Scholarship $1000  
    UNE Success Grant: $4,000
    University of New England's Presidential Scholarship: $18,000

    Lauren Lachapelle – Becker College (Forensics Science with a focus in Criminalistics)
    Be the Change Scholarship: $19,000
    Becker College Grant: $2,200
    Becker Worcester Area Grant: $2,500
    Grant: $3,195

    Ethan Lavoie – Bridgewater State University (Education, Secondary)     
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $910

    Stephanie Massey – University of Rhode Island (Environmental Science & Management)
    Grant: $12,000
    Kevin McGowan – Apprenticeship Program (Commercial Electrician)  
    UniBank Corporal John Dawson Scholarship: $2,000

    Hannah Murphy – Criminal Justice, Psychology Minor    
    Early Acceptance Grant: $1,500
    President's Achievement Scholarship: $18,000

    Braden Murray – University of Rhode Island (Undeclared)
    Alumni Recognition Award: $1,000
    Founders Grant: $2,900
    Presidential Scholarship: $10,980

    Sean Naughton – Wentworth Institute of Technology (Computer Science)
    Early Action Scholarship: $1,000
    Merit Scholarship: $15,500
    WIT Undergrad Appeal Grant: $3,000

    Katherine Roy – Southern New Hampshire University (Early Education/Special Education)
    Merit Scholarship: $22,000

    Victoria Trapasso – University of Rhode Island (Biological Sciences)
    Founders Grant: $12,000

    Sawyer Allen – Curry College (Nursing)
    Curry Resident Award: $3,000
    Dean's Award: $2,000
    Early Action Award: $2,000
    Trustees Scholarship: $19,000

    Cloe Brooks – Dean College (Criminal Justice & Homeland Security)  
    Trustees Scholarship: $-unreported   

    Devin Dencer – Seeking employment in Interior Design Field
    VTC Trade Scholarship in Memory of Greg Amaral, Culinary Arts Class of 2001: $1,000

    Emma Gilroy – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Mechanical Engineering)
    DCU for Kids: $750

    Allison Kostiw – Bryant University (Communications)
    Bryant University Dean's Scholarship: $22,000
    Bryant University Grant: $1,350

    Charles Myette – Western New England University (Mechanical Engineering)      
    Tuition Exchange Scholarship: $35,000

    Marie Peladeau – Quinsigamond Community College (Early Childhood Development)
    Massachusetts Gas Collectors Association David Millard Memorial Award: $200

    Clark Ambrosino – Apprenticeship Program (HVAC Technician)
    Derek Yancik Memorial Scholarship: $500
    New England Plumbing, Gas and Mechanical Inspectors Association: $700
    Upton Police Association Scholarship: $500

    Joseph Antaya – Apprenticeship Program (HVAC Technician)
    Derek Yancik Memorial Scholarship: $500
    Upton Lacrosse #8 Scholarship: $1,000

    Coby Asselin – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Aerospace Engineering)
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Presidential Scholarship: $15,000

    Cameron Bern – Fitchburg State University (Criminal Justice)
    Upton Police Association Scholarship: $500

    Jack Charron – Worcester State University (Undecided)
    Roger V. Burns Memorial Award: $250

    Adam Dickey – University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Mechanical Engineering)
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714

    Chloe Fallon – UMass Boston (Business Management)
    Chancellor's Merit Scholarship: $10,000
    Valley Tech Education Foundation: $300

    Andrew Galicki – University of Rhode Island (Engineering)         
    Presidential Scholarship: $-unreported   

    Hannah Giglio – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Biomedical Engineering)
    NTHS Scholarship: $500
    Upton Fire & EMS Scholarship: $500
    Upton Men's Club Scholarship: $1,500

    Chloe Kessler – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Engineering)   
    WPI Presidential Scholarship: $24,000

    Christopher Leombruno – Massachusetts Bay Community College (Automotive Technology-Toyota/Lexus)
    MASSBAY: $2,500

    Morgan Matellian – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Business Management & Administration)
    George L. Wood Upton VFW Post #5594 Scholarship: $300
    John & Abigail Adams Scholarship: $1,714
    Upton Bloomer Girls Scholarship: $1,000
    Town of Upton Scholarship: $640

    Jillian Napolitano – Simmons University (Nursing, Honors Program)
    George L. Wood Upton VFW Post #5594 Scholarship: $300
    John Simmons Grant: $1,000
    John Simmons Scholarship: $9,040
    Presidential Scholarship: $25,000
    Simmons Honors Scholarship: $1,000
    Upton Men's Club Scholarship: $1,500

    Mallory Rogers – University of New Hampshire (Nursing)
    2020 UNH Engagement Award: $4,000
    Deans Scholarship: $8,000

    Conner Bucchino – Becker College (Game Design)
    Be the Change: $20,000
    Becker Alumni Academic Grant: $2,000
    Becker Worcester Area Grant: $2,500

    Abigail Clarke – Framingham State University (Psychology)
    Chad A. Holbrook Memorial Sports Scholarship: $500

    Charlotte Doubleday – Chemical Engineering
    Founders Grant: $2,500
    Presidential Scholarship: $12,000

    Jacob Fernandes – Employed (Daniel Byer Lifeguard)
    Fran Dupre Memorial Scholarship: $500
    Polyfoam Corporation Scholarship: $500

    Elizabeth Fox – Printmaking         
    Maine College of Art Dean's Scholarship: $18,000

    Jake Garille – Employed (Renaud Electric & Communications Inc.)                 
    Polyfoam Corporation Scholarship: $500
    VTC Trade Scholarship in Memory of Danny Guillaume, Drafting, Class of 2001: $1,000

    Meaghan Haley – University of Vermont, Double Major (Environmental Science/English)
    UVM Trustees Scholarship: $15,000

    Kierra Kurtyka – Bryant University (International Business)
    Bryant University Award: $14,000
    Vice Presidential Scholarship: $2,000

    Kieler Langemo – University of Connecticut (Political Science)  
    BVT Teachers Association Award: $250
    UConn Award: $20,000
    Peter Gammons Scholarship from the Foundation to be Named Later: $5,000

    Zachary Laverdiere – Full Sail University (Recording Arts)
    Creative Minds Scholarship: $25,000

    Mica McLaurin – Fitchburg State University (Nursing)
    Grant: $5,295

    Antonio Morais – University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (Computer Science)
    Chancellor's Scholarship: $5,000

    Paige Murphy – Marketing          
    Uxbridge Dollars for Scholars - Forest & Caroline Andrews Scholarship: $1,500

    Samantha Tennaro – Anna Maria College (Health Science)
    AMC Merit Scholarship: $23,500
    Nursing and HS Scholarship: $2,000
    Resident Grant: $2,000

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