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    Fueling Students For Success
    The Director of BVT’s Food Services program, Chef Eric Carlson, believes that continued access to nutritious meals promotes student learning and lifelong healthy eating behaviors. Our goal is to fuel the mind and body through high-quality breakfast and lunch offerings that contain fresh, nutritious ingredients. Working alongside BVT's Nutritionist Martha Pellegrino and the Food Services staff, we are committed to creating restaurant-quality school meals that adhere to the strict boundaries of the state and federal government’s nutritional guidelines which are based on USDA Dietary Guidelines. To help BVT students and staff manage their healthy eating habits, our lunch menu has a breakdown of the nutritional value for each menu item. 
    In addition to his passion for food, Chef Carlson also puts his passion for teaching to good use by working alongside Culinary Arts students. These students take a hands-on role in helping Chef Carlson and his staff prepare meals for up to 800 students and staff members per day. The experience of working in BVT’s food service program reinforces learning and introduces new skills that will have a positive impact on the students’ professional future.
  • Welcome to NUTRIkids
    NutriKids We are very excited to offer our student’s parents and guardians the NutriKids system, a convenient, easy-to-use, 
    and secure online prepayment service. Now you can:

    • Open up an account for your teen
    • Serving lines are cashless 
    My School Bucks Pre-pay for lunches on-line in any amount
      (such as monthly or yearly)
    • View your teen's account balance

    There are many benefits to this system: 
    • SPEED: Lunch lines move along much faster so your teen has
       more time to eat and be with friends.
    • ANONYMITY: Students who are eligible for free or reduced
       meals will have their privacy maintained.
    • ACCOUNTABILITY: The system provides parents and guardians with accurate records
       for accounting purposes and allows them to print out a copy of their teen's food
       purchase history report.
    • ALERTS: At a parent/guardian's request, the system can alert the cashier of any
       restrictions your teen may have, such as food allergies or daily purchasing limits.
       Please contact Chef Eric Carlson or Nutritionist Martha Pellegrino if your teen has
       any restrictions.
    If you have any questions, check out our FAQ section or contact us directly.



  • Questions?

    If your child needs help navigating
    our many food options, contact:

    Chef Eric Carlson
    Director of Food Services
    508–529–7758  x3128

    Martha Pellegrino
    Nutrition Educator
    508–529–7758  x2710

    Healthy Meals Incentices Badage

    We're a Healthy Meals
    Incentives Grantee
    Through a partnership with
    Action for Healthy Kids and USDA,
    we're excited to be awarded
    a Healthy Meals Incentives grant.
    Together, we're making improvements
    to the nutritional quality of our school meals
    and strengthening your teen's health.

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