• Athletics
    Whether you like to swing a bat, work up a sweat on the basketball court, or cheer our athletes on to victory, BVT is full of opportunities for our students to learn the life-changing practice of taking pride in everything they do. 
    Our nearly 20 athletic programs have grown over the years to be regular contenders for state and national championships and titles. Group sports like field hockey, football, lacrosse, and volleyball give students a chance to be part of a team and support each other. By joining sports like golf, cross-country, and track and field, students develop a strong sense of focus, commitment, and determination.
    So go ahead, take a look at our list of athletic programs below and see for yourself the many ways our students are having fun and continuing to learn well past the school day's final bell.
    • Alpine Ski (Co-op Nipmuc)                      • Ice Hockey Girls
    • Baseball                                                     • Lacrosse Boys
    • Basketball Boys                                         • Lacrosse Girls
    • Basketball Girls                                          • Soccer Boys
    • Cheerleading Fall & Winter                     • Soccer Girls
    • Cross-Country                                            • Softball
    • Field Hockey                                              • Track & Field
    • Football                                                      • Volleyball Boys (Co-op Nipmuc)
    • Golf                                                             • Volleyball Girls
    • Ice Hockey Boys (Co-op Grafton)          • Wrestling (Co-op Bellingham)

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    Suit up and take the field at the
    Blackstone Valley Football Clinic
    on Sunday, August 13th –
    Wednesday, August 16th

    The registration and waiver form 
    must be completed and returned along
    with payment on the first day of the clinic.

    See you on the football field!

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