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    Is BVT right for you?
    Making the decision to attend a vocational-technical high school might just be one of the most important decisions of your life thus far. But how do you know whether BVT is right for you?

    It’s simple, really. Start by answering these questions: 
    • Do you love a good challenge?
    • Do you learn best when your hands, mind, and heart work together?
    • Are you open to new ideas, working collaboratively, and listening intently? 
    • Are you ready to expand your outlook and make meaningful connections within a
       unique community?
    • Do you believe it’s never too soon to begin planning your future? 

    If your answer to any of these questions is an enthusiastic “YES!” we’d love to hear from you. Take some time to browse through our View Book and read about our 18 exciting career vocational-technical programs and rigorous academic offerings. See how many extracurricular activities are available to help you develop your interests, fuel your passion, make new friends, and have fun!

  • How to Apply
    Freshmen Application:  Students with a passion for learning who reside in the 13 towns of Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District and who will have completed Grade 8 prior to enrolling, may apply. The freshmen online application is the primary and preferred method for applying. However, if you need a paper copy, you may obtain one online or call our Admissions Office at 508–529–7758 x3020. The deadline to apply for grade 9 is January 15th.

    Upperclassmen Application: Admissions for grades 10-12 are subject to the availability of openings. Grade 10 applicants apply using the online Upperclassman Application. The deadline to apply for grade 10 is April 1st. Admissions for grades 11 & 12 must be as a transfer from another vocational school and can occur at any time during the school year. Contact Admissions before applying as a transfer from another vocational school.
    Drafting & Design Technology Two-Year Program: A rising junior student (10th grade student at the time of the application) who is a resident of the Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District and is interested in pursuing training in the Drafting trade is eligible to apply for the two-year Chapter 74 approved Drafting Program.  Selection for this program will be by lottery after the successful completion of the drafting application. Students applying for the two-year drafting program are not eligible for in-school program transfers. Learn more about this unique opportunity. Admission Timeline:
    The following timeline should be kept in mind (subject to change):                                                                                                                                                                                           
    November: Campus tours are tentative. Check back for more information. Our Admissions Open House is November 8th.
    January 15th: Freshman Application Deadline.
    January & February: Interviews are conducted virtually via ZOOM. (interviews may start as early as October)
    March (late): Acceptance notifications will be sent via email.
    April 1st: Upperclassman & Drafting application deadline.
    April (1st Saturday in April): Placement testing for accepted incoming freshman.
    April (late): Deadline for those who received an acceptance notification to accept or decline their seat.
    May 3rd: Lottery selection for admission into the two-year Drafting Program.
    June/July/August: Subject to availability of openings, applications for upperclassmen
       are reviewed.
    For complete details on what it takes to become a BVT Beaver, check out our BVT Admissions Policy

    For questions, please contact the Admission Office:

    Michele Denise
    508–529–7758  x3141

    Anne-Marie Colonero
    508–529–7758  x3020

  • Mark Your Calendar

    Freshman Online applications
    opened on Sunday, October 1st 
    The application deadline closed
    on Monday, January 15th
    Freshmen Application reopened
    for late submissions on
    Monday, April 1st
    Upperclassmen Applications
    are due on Monday, April 1st
    for incoming Sophomores
    Two-Year Drafting Program Applications
    are due on Monday, April 1st 
    for incoming Juniors
    If you would like to transfer
    from another vocational school,
    contact Admissions.
    Acceptance e-Mail Notifications
    will occur for Incoming Freshman
    in late March, for Incoming Upperclassman
    in June, and for our Drafting Program
    in May (all subject to change).

    2022 View Book
    Download our View Book and learn
    how BVT is transforming education
    and the lives of our students.

    Interview Tips
    First time getting ready for an interview?
    No worries, we have some helpful tips
    and sample interview questions
    that will get you ready for your
    admissions interview.

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