• Three Seasons Restaurant
    What's Cooking at BVT
    Three Seasons Menu The Three Seasons Restaurant is a unique learning environment in which Culinary Arts students operate a full-service kitchen, bake shop, and dining room. As members of the restaurant's waitstaff, students learn different types of service etiquette and styles, such as American, Russian, and French. Behind the scenes in the Three Seasons kitchen, students rotate through food service stations to gain real world experience in food preparation and cooking techniques. Valuable experience is also gained in the planning and production of large-scale functions (200+ people), including the Superintendent's Gourmet Dinner, the Program Advisory Committee Dinner, community events, and off-site catering.

    Be our guest! Browse our menu and join us for lunch to help our students develop their skills in the Culinary Arts.

  • Bake Shop Did You Know We Have
    a Pastry Counter?
    In the entrance to our Bake Shop, our student-run pastry counter is the place you'll find yummy baked goods, cookies, and pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth. The Bake Shop also supplies our Three Seasons Restaurant daily with a variety of fresh bread and pastries. 

    Special Orders
    Are you looking for that special occasion cake or custom-made baked goods? Under the watchful eye of Chef Laura Campagna, our students can make you a custom cake, cupcakes, or cookies that not only look good, but taste amazing.

    When inquiring about a custom order please include:
    • a brief description of what you are looking for, include any special flavors or request
    • the quantity of the item(s) your ordering
    • when you need the order by

    All orders are handled personally by Chef Campagna. Simply e-mail: lcampagna@valleytech.k12.ma.us and you will receive a confirmation e-mail back within two school days.

    NOTE: An order or changes to an existing order are not a guarantee until an e-mail confirmation is received from Chef Campagna.

  • Hours of OperationClosed for Reservations
    A Three Seasons Greeting
    Olivia and Dina
    As Olivia Corey, a senior from Millbury in our Culinary Arts program, prepares to graduate this spring, she describes the Three Seasons Restaurant at BVT as her second home.

    “I remember starting as a freshman and being uncertain about where everything was located and nervous when greeting my first guests,” said Corey. “Now, I know where everything is. I am much more confident in the kitchen and my abilities.”

    Corey credits her mentor and instructor, Kathleen (Mainini) Manoogian (Class of 1998), with playing a significant role in helping her succeed within the Culinary Arts program. “As a graduate of this program, Ms. Manoogian understands what we are experiencing and can offer insight and guidance.”

    “I can remember being nervous when I served my first table in the Three Seasons Restaurant. I want the students to know that their nerves are natural, but they have all the knowledge to give their guests a great dining experience,” said Manoogian. “Having the opportunity to see the growth and progress of our students is very rewarding.” 
    Dina and Alice
    Frequent patrons, Dina Marino and Alice Roda, both of Milford, said, “We love coming to BVT. This restaurant holds special memories for us as we’ve spent a fair amount of time here with friends. We are so proud of Olivia Corey and all of the Culinary Arts students who provide their patrons with an excellent dining experience. Their attention to detail, personalized touch, and foodservice etiquette is at its best. We miss the students when they graduate.”

    “These ladies are the best,” said Corey & Manoogian. “Dina comes at least once a week and always brings friends. So great to have them!” 

    “Having an opportunity to bring the best of our culinary world to the patrons in our restaurant has been an enriching experience,” said Corey. “I am confident and excited to see what comes next in my culinary adventure.” 

    If you’d like to help our students develop their culinary skills, simply browse our menu and then make a lunch reservation by calling 508–529–7758 x3109. Bon appetit!