• Admissions Open House
    Facility Rental
    We have many facilities on our beautiful campus which can be rented. Below is a list of spaces available for use:
    • Competition Center (7,900 sq. ft.)
    • Cafeteria (4,950 sq. ft.)
    • Cafeteria Annex (1,200 sq. ft.)
    • Media Center
    • Restaurant
    • Gymnasium 
    • Classrooms

  • Request for Rental

    To request the use of our
    facilities, please complete our
    School Facilities Use Form
    and mail or e-mail it to:
    Dawn Naff 
    Administrative Secretary/Facilities
    P: 508–529–7758  x3070
     F: 508–529–4283
    Thank you for your interest.
    Upon receipt of your request,
    we will contact you to confirm
    your request and space availability.