• Course Registration
    Course Registration Overview
    We make every effort to provide students and their families with helpful information and guidance around course selection and career planning. Please utilize these resources, including teacher, counselor, and/or liaison recommendations along with our Program of Studies, to review your course selections and their prerequisites.

    Students along with their parents/guardians are ultimately responsible to select a four-year course of study that is consistent with the student's post-secondary plans (college, work, or military). As always, we encourage students to take rigorous courses and keep the end in mind - the Academic Course Chart on page 13 of the Program of Studies provides an overview of all courses by grade-level and may be helpful in that process.

  • Course Registration Procedures

    Online Teacher Recommendations
    • Core academic teachers (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies) and elective teachers will review their current class lists and designate the course they recommend the student enroll in for 2020-2021. This process will be completed for sophomores by Friday, January 10th.

    • This process will be completed for freshman and juniors by Friday, January 24th.

    Online Student Requests
    • Sophomores review teacher recommendations during their Career Enrichment classes on Thursday, January 30th.

    • Freshman and juniors review teacher recommendations during their Career Enrichment classes on Tuesday, February 4th.

    • The Career Enrichment teacher will assist students with their online login and facilitate the process of course requests.

    • School Counselors will be present in the Career Enrichment classroom to assist with student questions relating to course selection.

    • The Program of Studies is posted on our website and hard copies will be available in the Career Enrichment classrooms as well.

    School Counselor Recommendations
    • School Counselors will review teacher recommendations and student requests.

    • Counselors will look to resolve any conflict issues that may occur between the teacher recommendation and the student request.

    • In cases where the teacher and student agree and the counselor concurs, the counselor will approve the request.

    • Counselors will contact the student, teacher and/or parent/guardian to resolve conflicts that persist to determine the most appropriate selection.

    • A 2020 – 2021 Student Course Request Verification will be published in iPASS along with the final report cards. Parents and students may access these documents via iParent and iStudent shortly after the end of the school year.

  • Important Dates

    Friday, January 10th
    Deadline for teacher
    recommendations for Sophomores 
    Thursday, January 30th
    During Career Enrichment class Sophomores 
    approve teacher recommendations
    or enter a different request. 

    Friday, January 24th
    Deadline for teacher recommendations
    for Freshman and Juniors
    Tuesday, February 4th
    During Career Enrichment class Freshman and
    Juniors approve teacher recommendations
    or enter different request.

    February – June
    Counselors review and process
    teacher recommendations
    and student requests.
    2020 – 2021 Course Request
    Verifications are published in iPASS
    along with final report cards.