• Transforming Education...
    ...is not just our tagline, it has been a part of Blackstone Valley Tech’s culture for upwards of 30 years. Ask anyone who has visited our campus and they’ll tell you that there’s something special happening here. Walk through our hallways, observe our teachers and students at work, and you’ll feel the renewed energy of our collective commitment to embracing new learning models that are creating happy, healthy, and successful futures for our children.

    Long gone are the days of passive lectures and isolated study. Today, our learning models are centered on “integration” — the fusion of academic and career technical learning. We’re implementing “cross-curricular challenges” that require our students to apply theory learned in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies to solve workplace/life problems encountered in their career vocational technical shops. This interactive, inquiry-based learning pairs students together for peer discussion, discovery, and instruction under the watchful eye and expert guidance of their teachers. Our students learn from and challenge one another. They experience learning that is customized, connected, amplified, and relevant.

    Setting high academic standards, meeting employer expectations for highly skilled personnel, and keeping pace with rapid advancements in technology are key contributors to our success. We’re excited to be on the front line, helping to pioneer new learning models and approaches. Transforming Education is a never-ending process, so let’s all up our game! 
    Want to learn more? Visit our campus and explore the transformation for yourself.