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    Coop Waters In the past 50 years, BVT’s mission of producing employable young adults has not changed. What has changed dramatically, however, is the very definition of employable. Employment in high-demand, high-skill, and high-paying jobs is the destination at the end of every BVT student’s career pathway. Reaching that destination in an ever-changing and highly complex global economy requires our graduates to possess an array of specialized skills, including critical thinking, adaptability, problem solving, superb communication, and the ability to work autonomously and as a contributing member of a team. 
    The BVT Co-op program is an ideal opportunity for highly motivated students eager to begin working within a professional environment. Participation in the program reached new heights in the 2013–2014 school year: a total of 171 seniors and third-term juniors in good academic standing acquired career vocational technical credits and skills by working off-campus in their area of training every other week. Rather than waiting for career opportunity to knock, students in our Co-op program opened the door themselves and delve deeper into their career options. 
    Co-op makes a BVT education richer and more meaningful by empowering students to further hone their technical knowledge and skills, gain new perspectives, and find the confidence to transform their lives. By embracing the challenges of the Co-op programs, thousands of BVT graduates have set themselves up for success in full-time employment, post-secondary education, and military service.
    If you are an employer and want some more information regarding BVT's Co-op Program, you can go to our Employer's Frequently Asked Questions page.  There you will find information on the Co-op process as well as many other answers.
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