• Our Assistant Principals
    Mr. Urquhart and Ms. Bomba, our Assistant Principals are instrumental in developing and maintaining a school culture that reflects the BVT philosophy promoting EXCELLENCE, ACHIEVEMENT, TEAMWORK, and PRIDE. Our Assistant Principals work collaboratively to oversee the activities for each grade level, which allows for development of positive relationships with each class and the continuity promotes smoother transitions through each grade level.  

    To ensure that BVT provides a safe and positive environment for all students during their high school experience, our Assistant Principals facilitate, coordinate, and implement numerous programs including:
    • Transportation, Bus Routes, and Student Parking
    • Grade Level Teaming
    • School Safety and Security
    • Student Discipline
    Mr. Urquhart and Ms. Bomba encourage open communication with our students and their parents to ensure success in each student's personal and professional development.
  • Meet Our Assistant Principals

    Matthew Urquhart

    Matthew Urquhart  
    Assistant Principal  
    508–529–7758  x3024 

    Skye Bomb

    Skye Bomba  
    Assistant Principal  
    508–529–7758  x3667 

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