• School Based Health Center

    School Based, Student-Focused Health Care 
    If illness strikes during the school day, BVT and the Milford Regional Medical Center are here to provide your teen with the care they deserve. For over 22 years, the Milford Regional Medical Center’s School Based Health Center, located in BVT's health suite, has been collaborating with our School Nurses and Counselors to treat and prevent health and social problems that can interfere with a student’s academic success. Your health insurance company will be billed for visits. However, if the insurance does not cover the visit, you will not receive a bill for services rendered. No money is exchanged in the health center. No student will ever be denied services for financial reasons.
    The following services are available through our School Based Health Center: 
    Health Care
    • Diagnosis and treatment of minor and acute medical conditions
    • Physical exams for sports, school, and employment
    • Abstinence-based education
       (Contraceptives will not be distributed on our campus)
    • Consultation with a Primary Care Provider to provide onsite assistance as needed

    Mental Health Counseling/Case Management
    • Mental health evaluations
    • On-site counseling for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationships, self-esteem,
       and other mental health needs tailored to adolescents
    Nutrition Education
    • Management of food allergies
    • Counseling, including options to maximize healthy living
    • Nutrition assessments
    • Diabetes support

    Community Health Services
    • Improve access to basic needs and services for all students 
    • Advocating for individual and community health needs
    • Using outreach programs to connect students to their communities
    • Provide culturally appropriate health education and information
    Not only do these services help your teen receive medical care without sacrificing an entire day of school, but the MRMC School Based Health Center also provides continuity of care by coordinating with our student’s parents, primary care physician, and other healthcare providers as needed. As a center serving an adolescent population, continuity of care can go a long way toward helping a teenager build trust with his or her healthcare provider. 
    Before your child can receive services at the MRMC School Based Health Center, you must enroll them in the program by filling out a consent form.

    For more information, please contact: 

    Brooklynn Porter
    Community Health Worker 
    508-529-7758  x3702

    Brooke Cook
    508-529-7758  x3702

    Jenna Callahan
    Family Nurse Practitioner
    508-529-7758  x3711
  • Hours of OperationOur School Based Health Center
    is open when school is in session:
    Mondays – Fridays 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

     We're here to help.
    Schedule an appointment
    and we'll get you back to your
    active self in no time.

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