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    Our Art School Prep students joined our freshman and junior classes on the field trip to Daniels Farm for a mini reenactment preview and took in the sights and sounds of the era. Using gesture drawing, the art of drawing a subject quickly and economically to record a pose and as much information as possible, our art students put their skills honed in the classroom to the test by sketching in the field.

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    Chloe Fallon of Upton, a senior art student in Drafting & Design Technology said, “It was a very insightful and fun way to learn more about observational drawing. I found myself talking to the subjects of my sketches, which was something I hadn’t experienced before. Overall, I think it was a very beneficial stepping stone in improving my drawing abilities.”

    The reenactors of the 85ème Régiment de Saintonge came to life and interacted with our students, posed for some modern-day selfies, and shared their knowledge of the era through conversations and demonstrations of their revolutionary skillset. A sampling of some of the reenactors on-hand to present was a tinner, fifer, spinner, swordsmith/fencing, gunners, gunsmith, and a historian.

  • Several of our students commented that the living history event was a blast: 

    “It was so much easier getting on the uniform in a warm gym. Securing all of those buttons on a cold field was a battle. A lot of work went into getting dressed, I really appreciate a zipper!” 
    – Lauren Flynn of Upton, a junior in Multimedia Communications

  • “I really enjoy acting and I saw the reenactment as great opportunity to take on a new role, learn more about history, and make some new friends at BVT.” 
    – Tyler Morin of Bellingham, a freshman in Exploratory

    “It was a very insightful and fun way to learn more about observational drawing. I found myself talking to the subjects of my sketches, which was something I hadn’t experienced before. Overall, I think it was a very beneficial stepping stone in improving my drawing abilities.”
    – Chloe Fallon of Upton, a senior in Drafting & Design Technology

    “The reenactment was pretty cool. I liked speaking with the reenactors who demonstrated how the cannon works and how to load it. Having an opportunity to handle the swords and bayonets was neat as I find the history of things like that really interesting.” 
    – Ethan Rheault of Millbury, a freshman in Exploratory

  • Rallying the Troops through Integrated Learning
    Corporal Evans at BVT This event has been eighteen months in the making, with close collaboration between BVT, Daniels Farmstead, and the 85ème Régiment de Saintonge. A competitive grant was also secured from the New England School Development Council (NESDEC) and a generous donation from EvanLEE Organics.

    Our Academic Curriculum Coordinator, Mr. “Eddie” Evans hosted teacher in-service workshops, where the reenactors worked directly with our teachers to help coordinate the curriculum surrounding this event. Learning is revolutionary! Here is a sampling their curriculum:
    Corporal Evans English Teachers
    Reconstructing the Revolution  

    Corporal Evans was patriotically welcomed by our students and staff in the English wing as he rallied the troops to join the cause. Our students had read various non-fiction articles, pamphlets, speeches, and letters to synthesize the emotional climate of the Revolution-era in English class. Corporal Evans paused to read students blackout poetry and found poems that were on display.

    Corporal Evans Art 2
    The American Revolution & Its Artists
    Our Art students take a closer look at artist from the era who had an essential role in depicting the American Revolution, from their artwork and impressions of the war to memorials, monuments, and statues. Corporal Evans take a look at a series of gesture drawings while Ms. MacLure makes sure that his uniform is battle ready. Students will plan to take sketchbooks, drawing boards, easels, and materials to the reenactment site to complete a final drawing done at the event utilizing methods of observations.

    Corporal Evans Math 4
    Revolution-themed Math Problems
    of the Month

    Our Math classes are solving Revolution-themed Math Problems of the Month this fall, as well as studying the geometry of forts in the colonies. Using word problems taken from a 1775 textbook, students answer questions like how many hogsheads does it takes to raise water and what angles are needed to shoot mortars certain distances. The math problems were translated into modern English by our teachers and differentiated for all math levels.

    Corporal Evans Music
    The American Revolution & Its Musicians:
    The Fifers and Drummers 
    Our Music classes explore the music of the 18th century. Students learn about the importance of music and the purpose of the fife and drum corps during the Revolutionary War.

    Corporal Evans Culinary Arts
    An Authentic 18th-Century Buffet Dinner
    Our Culinary Arts students are preparing an authentic 18th-century meal. Reenactors are invited to our school on Saturday evening to enjoy this unique dinning experience.

    Corporal Evans PDT
    Which Way to The Battle for Daniels Farm?
    All you have to do is follow the signs! Our students in P&D put their creative talents to work and designed all the signage for the event. 

    Promotional Materials & Event Videographer

    To promote and bring awareness to the event our students in Multimedia designed all promotional materials and will be the official event videographer and documentarian on the battlefield during the weekend.

    Corporal Evans Health Services

    Our Health Services students will be studying the medical advancements and battlefield first-aid techniques of the era.

    Play Ball! Colonial Games and
    America’s National Pastime
    Our Physical Education classes take a look at sports of the 18th-century, as well as nutrition and rations for revolutionary soldiers. Students explore General Washington's fitness expectations and routines for soldiers.

    The American Revolution and Spain’s role
    Our Spanish classes discuss Spain’s involvement in the American Revolution using the traditional vocabulary of the revolutionary era and terms in Spanish.

    CURRENT EVENTS (Grade 11 Elective)
    Smallpox during the Revolutionary War 
    Our Current Events classes are connecting the current 2019 EEE public health concerns and responses to the 1775 Smallpox outbreak during the American Revolution.

    Revolutionary Career Profiles 
    Classes are connecting previous lessons on Holland Codes for the Career Interest Profiler with research on American Revolution figures to determine how those figures would place on the Career Interest Profiler.

    Post-Revolutionary America 
    Between 1776 and 1789, the United States of America emerged as an independent country, creating and ratifying its new constitution and establishing its national government. Our Social Studies classes take a look at how the 1776 Revolution was covered during the mid-1800s Civil War period.