• Math
    The Math Department works collaboratively toward the goal of giving students a consistent, high-quality mathematics education. We are constantly reviewing, analyzing, and collaborating to develop a curriculum that is comprehensive and rigorous, as well as classroom experiences that make it all attainable. Students will be challenged in every course, but they will leave here with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are applicable and necessary in any career pathway.
    Though optional, the BVT Math Department highly recommends that students purchase a graphing calculator, it will be a great investment and helpful to have. While the BVT Math Department uses the TI-84 version from Texas Instrument, any model will be useful. The use of a graphing calculator is an integral part of the BVT Curriculum and may be used for SATs and ACTs. Each Math teacher has calculators that are available for use during class, but they must remain in the classroom. If you have any questions, then please contact your student's Math teacher.
  • 9
    Honors Algebra II 
    Honors Algebra I   
    College Prep Algebra I   
    Algebra I

  • 10

    Honors Geometry   
    College Prep Geometry  

  • 11
    Honors Pre-Calculus/Intro to Trigonometry
    Honors Algebra II
    College Prep Algebra II   
    Algebra II Part I   

  • 12
    AP Calculus AB   
    Honors Pre-Calculus    
    Honors Statistics
    College Prep Pre-Calculus/Intro to Trigonometry
    College Prep Statistics  
    Algebra II Part II

  • Meet Our Teachers

    Our Math teachers are skilled,
    problem-solvers, who know their subject
    well, but what really counts is that
    they care deeply about our students.

    Jennifer Garrison – Team Leader
    Danielle Cann
    Brian Lehtinen
    Jessica MacKenzie
    Joseph Mantoni
    Kaitlin Masso
    Ann Nigro
    Jessica Olson
    Shaun Wersted
    Slavka Lee – TA