• Facilities Subcommittee  
    This subcommittee will accept responsibility for a periodic yet continual review, inspection, and evaluation of the condition of our facility and campus. The subcommittee will identify priorities and cost effective approaches for improvement and provide input and reaction to proposals which strengthen the learning climate for students. Additionally, this subcommittee will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the impact and effectiveness of in-house and/or contractual personnel affiliated with facility supervision, maintenance, and/or improvement.

    Facilities Subcommittee Members
    • Joseph A. Broderick of Blackstone  
    • Mark J. Potter of Douglas
    • Paul J. Braza of Milford  
    • Jeff T. Koopman of Northbridge  
    • James H. Ebbeling of Uxbridge  
    • Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick – BVT Superintendent-Director (Resource Person)  
    • Robert Dolegiewicz– BVT Facilities Department (Resource Person)
    • Joseph M. Hall of Bellingham - Ex-officio

  • Facilities Subcommittee Meetings

    The Facilities Subcommittee Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 4:30pm, Director of Facilities Office, Room 182D has been CANCELLED due to a lack of quorum. Meeting will be resceduled for a later date. 

    Note: Any changes to the above schedule and/or notices of special meetings will be forwarded for posting should they occur.

  • Meeting Agendas & Minutes