• Insurance Advisory Committee 
    BVT's Insurance Advisory Committee will review all proposed changes to district-sponsored health benefit plans for the purpose of making recommendations to the School Committee. The make-up of this eight-person subcommittee shall be selected as follows: four members shall be appointed by the School Committee (one of whom shall be the representative of retirees), and four members shall be appointed by the Association (one of whom will be a non-teacher).

    Meet Our Insurance Advisory Committee Members 
    • Gerald M. Finn of Millville
    • Michael Swanick Member – Teacher Representative  
    • Michael Norton Member – Teacher Representative
    • Richard Brennan Member – Retiree Representative
    • Nicole M. Ferguson – Business Manager
    • Marcia J. MacWilliams Member – BVT Human Resource Director
    • Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick – BVT Superintendent-Director/Resource Person
    • Joseph M. Hall of Bellingham – Ex-officio

  • Insurance Advisory Committee Meetings
    The Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional District Insurance Advisory Committee does not currently have any public meetings scheduled.

  • Meeting Agendas & Minutes