• Policy Subcommittee
    BVT's Policy Subcommittee will accept responsibility for continued organization and updating of the policy manual of School Committee policies, in accordance with the NEPN/NSBA policy classification system. This subcommittee will share its recommendations with the entire school committee for formal adoption.

    Meet Our Policy Subcommittee Members
    • Mitchell A. Intinarelli of Hopedale  
    • Edward D. Cray, III of Mendon  
    • Paul J. Braza of Milford
    • Chester P. Hanratty, Jr. of Millbury
    • Marcia J. MacWilliams – Human Resources Director
    • Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick – BVVRSD Superintendent-Director/Resource Person
    • Joseph M. Hall of Bellingham – Ex-Officio

  • Policy Subcommittee Meetings
    The Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional District Policy Subcommittee has a meeting scheduled on:

  • Meeting Agendas & Minutes