• Negotiation Subcommittee 
    BVT's Negotiation Subcommittee will accept responsibility for scheduling and conducting mutually agreeable sessions of collective bargaining with representatives and  indirectly all Valley Tech personnel. The subcommittee will receive and analyze proposals extended by various employees in relationship to scope of duties and responsibilities and comparative remuneration data of similar educational systems. This subcommittee will share its recommendations with the full School Committee for formal ratification.
    Negotiation Subcommittee Members 
    • Joseph M. Hall of Bellingham
    • Joseph A. Broderick of Blackstone
    • Anthony M. Yitts of Grafton 
    • Edward D. Cray, III of Mendon   
    • Chester P. Hanratty, Jr. of Millbury
    • Gerald M. Finn of Millville
    • Richard A. Villani, Esq. - Milford Town Administrator 

  • Negotiation Subcommittee Meetings
    The Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional District Negotiation Subcommittee meetings are held in the School Committee Conference Room, (unless otherwise indicated).

  • Meeting Agendas & Minutes