• Cosmetology Program
    Fashion-forward, self-expressive students who appreciate beauty will be interested in our Cosmetology program, which will train them for licensing and employment in the salon and spa industry. In this client-oriented environment, students learn to apply and sharpen their technical, managerial, and interpersonal skills by training and working in the stylish Salon at BVT, which is open to the public throughout the school year. Instruction in human anatomy and physiology provides students with a deeper understanding of the scientific aspects of hair, skin, and nail care. After 1,000 hours of instruction, students are eligible to take the state cosmetology license exam.
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    Skills You Will Learn:
    • Hair styling and shampooing techniques
    • Hair coloring and cutting
    • Chemical texture services
    • Sanitation procedures
    • Nail care
    • Facials and makeup application
    • Salon business management

    Hands-on Projects
    Entrepreneurship: The best salons are ones that elevate their customer experience above the simple and straightforward to the luxurious and trendy. Our seniors use their background managing the Salon at BVT to create a mock salon through this entrepreneurial project. The students begin this cross-curricular project by selecting a location, researching local bylaws, and crafting a business plan that highlights the salon name, logo, hours of operation, offered services, and prices. They then work with students from other shops to help design their business cards and brochures and create a model of their salon.

    Day of the Dead Makeup: Understanding the contours of the face is how a makeup artist enhances a person’s natural beauty. For our annual Day of the Dead celebration, our students use the same contouring techniques to create works of art on our volunteers’ faces. The Cosmetology students research the traditions of the Latin American holiday to design a makeup booth to create the skulls and decorative details.

    College & Career Placement
    • Salon Manager, Chromatics Hair & Color Company
    • Hair Stylist, Bei Capello
    • Makeup Artist, Sephora
    • Salon Manager, Supercuts

  • S E R V I C E   P A T H W A Y

    • Tina Greenlaw – Team Leader
    • Michele Gremo
    • Robin McCann

    • OSHA 10-hour Card: General Industry
    • Beauty Pros International Hair
       Extension Certification
    • Commonwealth of MA Division
       of Professional Licensure
       (Licensed Registered Cosmetologist) 
    • Global Keratin Certification

    • Hairdresser/salon stylist
    • Hair color specialist
    • Skin care specialist/esthetician
    • Nail technician
    • Beauty consultant

    Starting Salary: $30,000

    • Salon manager/owner
    • Makeup artist
    • Hairstylist for TV, movies, or theater
    • Research technician
    • Retail specialist

    Starting Salary: $45,000

    • Cosmetic buyer
    • Fantasy/special effects makeup artist
    • Cosmetic chemist
    • Beauty editor
    • Styles director/artistic director

    Starting Salary: $80,000

    Employment in the cosmetology industry is projected to grow 7% from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations.

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