Q:  What are the residency requirements in order to attend Blackstone Valley Tech?
    A:  The student must be a resident in one of the following towns in order to be eligible to apply: Bellingham, Blackstone, Douglas, Grafton, Hopedale, Millville, Milford, Mendon, Millbury, Northbridge, Sutton, Upton, or Uxbridge. If accepted, proof of residency will be required.
    Q:  What is the deadline for applications to Blackstone Valley Tech for those applying as a freshman?
    A:  The first Friday in February. However, most districts have their own deadline in order to gather and organize the necessary data to submit with your application. Please consult your guidance counselor at your current school.
    Q:  What is the deadline for applications to Blackstone Valley Tech for those applying as an upperclassman?
    A:  April 1st. However, upperclassman may apply at any time. The deadline is for those looking to enroll for the upcoming school year.  Openings for upperclassman for the upcoming school year are determined at the end of the school year and applications are reviewed at that time. If applying for immediate enrollment (current school year), applications will be reviewed and considered immediately.
    Q:  What if I am a private school applicant?
    A:  The student will follow the same process as a student that attends one of the district’s schools. They will complete the front and back of the application and then give it to their guidance counselor or other school staff to complete the inside of the application.  Interviews for private school applicants are conducted at BVT. A tour date will be scheduled in late November for private school students and their guardian(s).
    Q:  What if I am a homeschooled student?
    A:  In addition to filling the front and back of the application, please view the home school guidelines.
    Q:  What is the application process?
    A:  Students interested in applying for fall admission must obtain an application from their school Guidance Counselor. The completed application must be returned to your school Guidance Counselor by their deadline.
    Q:  What is the interview process?
    A:  During the months of February and March, BVT staff will interview all applicants in each of their sending schools. Appointments for interviews at BVT will be made for those applicants who currently do not attend one of the 13 member district schools. These interviews will occur during the same time period. 
    Q:  How do you prepare for an interview?
    A:  Practicing is the best way to get ready for the interview.  Practice with family, friends and teachers.  To help you prepare we have put together some helpful hints
    Q:  What is required to accompany the application sent in by the district’s Guidance Counselor?
    A:  The application must be accompanied by grades/courses taken, attendance records, behavior records, and the local sending school’s recommendation. Please see the Admission Policy for more details.
    Q:  Can a student apply for the current school year (to attend classes during the same school year)?
    A:  Yes, subject to the availability of openings. Like 8th grade students looking to apply to BVT as a 9th grader, the student must obtain an application from their local school Guidance Counselor.  The completed application must be returned to their Guidance Counselor to be submitted to BVT. An interview will be conducted at BVT.
    Q:  What criteria is used in the selection process?
    A:  The Admission Committee takes into consideration five criteria: Scholastic Achievement, Attendance, School Discipline/Conduct, Local Sending School’s Recommendation, and Interview.
    Q:  What is the time table for the entire Admissions Process?
    A:   October/November: Representatives from BVT visit each district school and Tours are conducted
          November: Open House/Parent-Applicant Night
          February (first Friday): Application Deadline
          February/March: Interviews are conducted
          March: All fully completed applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee
          March (late): Students and their local Guidance Counselors are advised of their admission status, i.e. accepted, waiting list.                                                (Acceptance/waitlist letters sent-late March)
          April - June: Upperclassman applications are reviewed, interviews are conducted 
          June: Upperclassman are advised of their admission status, i.e. accepted, waiting list.