• Career Planning
    Our students experience in-depth career immersion beginning with the freshman exploratory experience which assists students in identifying a career pathway and program of study based upon self-assessment, career exploration, and the application of learned career decision making skills. Students capture these experiences, record their reflections, and converse with other stakeholders about next steps in their plan. The record of this information is called the student’s Career Plan.
    • Understand what you want and need in your career
    • Identify your interests and skills
    • Determine what will give you job satisfaction
    • Identify roadblocks in your life
    Career Exploration
    • Target a variety of occupations
    • Gather “world of work” information
    • Evaluate the information and narrow your choices
    Developing a Career Goal
    • Learn how to make career decisions
    • Decide on a specific career
    • Set goals and action plans
    Marketing Student Skills 
    • Assemble an effective portfolio that showcases your skills and talent
    • Develop job search strategies
    • Understand the labor market in your chosen field
    • Write effective resumes and cover letters
    • Learn how to interview well
    • Follow-up and evaluate your job search and career goals